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‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ isn’t ‘about superheroes punching each other’

wonder woman-earth one

“It’s not a comic about superheroes punching each other. It’s about the sexes and how we feel about one another, and what a society of women cut off from the rest of the world for 3,000 years might look like, and what kind of sexuality, what kind of philosophy, what kind of science would that have developed, and how would that impact our world if it actually suddenly became apparent that these women existed. So for me, that was always the original Wonder Woman story, but when you hear it retold, there’s a lot of potential in there to talk about the way we live today and the way the sexes view one another, especially in an age when pornography has become so ubiquitous, to go back to this sort of strange eroticism that Martson had. I think it is a really interesting way to talk about the issues we have in the world today.”

Grant Morrison, discussing Wonder Woman: Earth One, his upcoming 120-page original graphic novel with artist Yanick Paquette



hercules won that fight – its embarassing if you just reverse the outcome of a tale thousands of years old just because women today need to be badass…

man, comics sure can be lame o, sometimes.

has there been a release date (or estimate) set for this yet?

Great as absolutely wonderful as the art looks, im deadly afraid this book will just be another damn “”men are horrible creatures that deserve to be castrated for finding women sexually attractive and staring at cleavage is a form of rape”” type book :(

Yeah, and that’s the problem. I have no desire to pay to read about Morrison pontificating on the sexes using a character he’s openly admitting to be clueless about and last scene had her playing the role of disease carrier while Superman and Batman saved the day. This is $25-30 I will definitely be saving. All these Earth One stories have been disappointing and this looks to continue the overpriced trend.

“last seen” Sigh.

@mccracken: Unless Morrison posits that the myth was men rewriting history to suit their self image, which would seem to fit his thesis. Based on the news (e.g., Texas this week), I don’t see how anyone can say that Morrison’s thesis isn’t timely. That said, there’s a lot of good analysis in this thread so far based on two unlettered pages and a few comments from Morrison.

“hercules won that fight – its embarassing if you just reverse the outcome of a tale thousands of years old just because women today need to be badass…”

yes, because comic books about fictional copyrighted and trademarked characters are required to adhere to public domain mythological stories upon which they are loosely based that were written thousands of years ago.

Mr Mckraken. You good sir represent all the burnt “fanboy” stereotype effigies don’t you. sigh………..

Let’s at least READ THE SHIT FIRST people!

@McKraken: is it any more lame than the thousands of years of stories that were told of manly-men because men had a “need to be badass?”

@movieartman: I certainly hope Morrison has more ambition and originality than that – especially considering the societally-sanctioned (whether explicitly or tacitly) crimes that are being perpetuated against women around the world. It would be a waste of time were he to focus on a little cleavage-gazing.

@Badthingus: except Morrison admitted he was clueless, and set out to educate himself and spend the time to craft a studied result of his research. He must have spent at least a couple years on it, which I think is a good amount of time to insure an interesting and thoughtful product–but if you’re just intent on hating it, that’s your problem.

What if Morrison had said “I know everything there is to know about WW based on me reading the Rucka run and watching the 1970’s TV show so I don’t need to do any research”? I think admitting that it was tough to write and he felt like he didn’t understand the character was really good news. It’s the same problem that Joss Whedon had when he was trying to write a WW movie script.

I laughed when I read “Hercules won that fight”

I’m looking forward to this book. He claims to be going back to some of the basis for Wonder Woman, which in those early stories are very weird and play with the theme of bondage big time. WW’s creator was a trip of an individual as well. Plus this book should be beautiful with Paquette on board.

@mckraken and @movieartman are such manly men that their masculinity is threatened by a comicbook.

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