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You have one last chance to get a Comic-Con badge

The Lottery

The Lottery

If you weren’t fast, or lucky, enough to snag a badge for Comic-Con International within that glitched-filled 93-minute window in February, organizers are offering one last, and very slim, chance for you to go to the big show: a lottery.

Because of “the very limited number” of returned or canceled badges — no four-day but “several thousand” single-day passes, only 3,100 of which are for Saturday — aspiring attendees are asked to enter the Comic-Con Resale Drawing, which began Monday and will continue through 11 p.m. Wednesday. To participate, you must already have a Member ID; those who do should’ve already received an email detailing how to enter the lottery.

Those who have already purchased a four-day pass or a Saturday badge aren’t eligible for the drawing. Those selected to participate may purchase badges for an additional guest, as long as he or she has a confirmed Member ID (as of June 7) and hasn’t already bought a four-day pass or Saturday badge. Comic-Con will notify those selected to participate on or before June 17.

Comic-Con International will be held July 18-21 in San Diego.



So… why do folks go to these things again? It all seems like a giant headache to me. I don’t live on the west coast and I don’t fall into any die-hard category of the Hollywood media that has now consumed Comic-Con, but I’m trying to understand the craziness… but… it’s hard.

Aaron – So people like to do different things than you? I agree, that is confusing….

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