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A growing collection of comics and more from Ontario

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Hello and welcome once again to Shelf Porn, our weekly look at someone’s collection. Today’s shelves come from Phil in Ontario, who shows us his growing collection of comics, action figures and more. Check them out below.


Hi, my name is Phil and I am from Barrie, Ontario. My submission is what I call a good start. It’s not the biggest collection of figures, comics and other entertainment, but it keep me happy and is constantly growing. I’ve been collecting comics feverishly for about 2 years now and I also have a box full of old star wars/marvel/spawn/he-man figures that the kids play with which are not shown off. I’m somewhat of a digital archivist so I have a rather large virtual collection of things which are also not shown off. I hope you enjoy my submission.










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Love the Alex Grey art on the wall! Nice collection.

Nice Justice League Collection but where’s Wonder Woman? p.s. Batman sucks

Nice Castle Grayskull Picture!

yah… that IS a nice start!

Wonder Woman is making Batman a sandwich. I think I should have posed Batman in the center of the five instead of Superman. *goes over and switches them* Yes, much better. Batman and the bat family are, by far, the most interesting DC characters, IMO.

Most of my comics in the boxes are Batman too. The caped crusader is definitely my favorite.

I used oils to paint the Castle Grayskull picture. It was my first time with oils and it was a lot of fun.

Loved your collection especially the Spawn statues!!! All the best!

He must not have a cat.

I do have a cat, but she doesn’t mess with my collection… My daughter on the other hand… Leonardo’s head has been in her mouth a couple of times!

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