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Alan Moore, soon to be emblazoned on chests all over Brazil


My grasp of Portuguese is almost non-existent (shamefully, it stretches to obrigado! and feliz natal! and that’s about it), but here’s a Brazilian company selling a T-shirt and print with a cartoon of the bard of Northampton on it. Given the appearance of V For Vendetta masks on the streets of Rio during the recent mass unrest there, perhaps this is another sign that Alan Moore is becoming something of a local folk hero there. Certainly, this design has a strong anti-consumerist message. The drawing is by occasional Mad Magazine contributor Raphael Salimena.  I like it, he’s managed to get a certain Kev O’Neill quality into the inking, which is highly appropriate.


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Stitch Tuesday

July 6, 2013 at 11:27 am

“Certainly, this design has a strong anti-consumerist message. ”

Kinda ironic that it’s on a shirt that’s being sold.

Kind of also ironic that it features a person whose big issue with DC was his lack of payment and ownership of the Watchmen characters, who were basically rip-offs of Charlton characters not created by him. Viva capitalism!

“Kind of also ironic that it features a person whose big issue with DC was his lack of payment and ownership of the Watchmen characters, who were basically rip-offs of Charlton characters not created by him. Viva capitalism!”

He also gave all of the proceeds from the films based on his comics to his collaborators, so I don’t really see the irony. It’s about the principle and the breach of trust, not about the actual money.

I don’t particularly want to go into the “they’re not Charlton characters, except in the most superficial of ways”, but they’re not Charlton characters, except in the most superficial of ways. Batman isn’t Zorro or the Shadow, and Dr. Manhattan isn’t Captain Atom.

Hi guys,

I’m Sicko, owner of LOLJA, the t-shirt company which is selling the t-shirt. As comic books fans and CBR readers, we’re thrilled of this post. Amazing!

As for the discussion on the comments. We’re obvisouslly a for profit company. Our intention was to pay tribute to Moore, one of our idols. The phrase is a joke with his views and declarations, not ours :)

We’re really happy you guys enjoyed our work.

Our system doesn’t currently ship overseas, but if you guys want to buy one drop us a line at and we can help you.


Here in Brazil, only comic readers, yet the older, know who really is Alan Moore. Using a mask of V, is not nearly remembering because of V for Vendetta, but has a stronger bond with the group Anonymus. Anyway, many protesters do not even know the origin of the mask, which is a joke. This shirt is just a consumer without any basis and made ​​to foreigners, since the words are in English and not in Portuguese. The ad mentions Alan Moore as a genius (!?) Humanity. Ok, we Brazilians have the best symbols to be our heroes. Although I like your texts say that the writer is almost nothing in our CLAIMS

People only care about money when they don’t have it. Obviously I’ve been “caring” for quite sometime. But seriously, it IS about the money, or more to the point it’s about wage and class disparity. Brazil has severe income inequality and very few pathways for upward mobility. Clearly the protests were years, if not decades in the making, but the match for the flame was something as simple as raising the price of bus fare. Why? Because people simply couldn’t AFFORD IT. So yeah, IT MOST ASSUREDLY IS ABOUT THE MONEY.

Alan Moore gave permission to use his likeness?

I thought the “it’s not about the money” had something to do with the “it’s not about 10 cents” that protesters kept repeating on the streets. But yeah, it’s extremely ironic and not in a good way.

Also, most of the people who protested wearing the Guy Fawkes masks here in Brazil don’t know a thing about Alan Moore. Some of them might have watched the “V for Vendetta” movie, and that’s it. Seriously, far too many of the people wearing those masks were on the right on the political spectrum, many of them are outright fascists.

Man, I love that artwork. I’d buy a shirt based on the art alone!

David Stewart

July 8, 2013 at 11:37 am

Your grasp of history seems to start in a peculiar place.
As a citizen of a country that is governed by a parliament in the Westminster tradition, we all knew who Guy Fawkes was long before V FOR VENDETTA ever came along.
I always cringe when I read someone describing a Guy Fawkes mask as being a mask of V, and wonder what strange world the writer must live in that has no history.

Wagner Silveira

July 8, 2013 at 12:44 pm

The t-shirt is actually all about comic book “icons”, instead of any attempt to link Moore to the existing protesting movements. From the website:

“Comics are not just fashion or a way to be beautiful and score. They are also a way to show your excelente taste, emblazoning big icons from humanity. E, fot comic book fans, there are few (if any) as big as Alan Moore. The britanic wizard is responsible for works of art like V for Vendeta, Watchmen, From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Voice of the Fire, amon others.

And that would he his exact reaction if he knew someone made a t-shirt using him as a model.”

I hope this helps.

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