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Andry Rajoelina illustrates power of connection in Super Families


Animation designer Andry Rajoelina has created an uplifting, and occasionally funny, series of prints featuring the families of superheroes. That’s “family” as in Superman Family, not as in Jonathan, Martha and Clark Kent. The first set was focused on DC, but he’s now done a second group with Marvel characters.

Some of the characters, but not all, are biologically related, and that’s part of what makes the series so heart-warming. One of the nicest, most reassuring messages of the X-Men was always that people without families could form their own. (I’ve always loved the idea of the X-Men as a family much more than the idea of them as a school.) Rajoelina’s two series highlight that. They focus on adult/child relationships (the Fantastic Four leaves out Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, for example), but Rajoelina is able to figure out a workaround for Green Lantern, even if it’s a little sad in a humorous way.

Prints of the Justice Families series can be purchased at the Geek Art Store.

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These are all great, but I can’t help but wish that was a seahorse in Aqua Lad’s bowl. That’s all!

These are the cutest things. I love the Avengers one.

Who’s the Avengers adult, Jarvis?

^ Looks like Nick Fury.

How sad are the Spiderman and Green Lantern pics! *sniff* ಥ_ಥ

Ta Erech. Despite years of the Ultimates and movies, I still don’t consider Nick Fury the Avengers’ chief. I miss the days when they didn’t need to be told that an alien invasion required their attention

With all due respect, I’m pretty sure Galactus would be a terrible parent…

Omg, guys I had to bite down when I scrolled down and got to the Ben Parker-Spidey pic.
Goddamn it, right in the feels.

I’m gonna go curl up and listen to some happy music now. Soul needs resuscitating.

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