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At ‘Walking Dead’ bash, Morrison talks Flash, MorrisonCon 2

Grant Morrison and friend (photo by Pinguino Kolb)

Grant Morrison and friend (photo by Pinguino Kolb)

In an impromptu interview at The Walking Dead‘s 10th-anniversary party held during Comic-Con International, CBR’s Karl Keily spoke briefly with Grant Morrison about the one superhero he’d still like to tackle, the status of his Rogue Trooper screenplay, and whether fans should expect another MorrisonCon.

Karl Keily: You just wrapped up your epic, decade-long, redefining Batman run. Are there any other iconic characters you’d like to revamp next?

Grant Morrison: The Flash is the only one left that I would still do. If I’m gonna do the Flash, I want to do it as a science-fiction story like The Incredible Shrinking Man or Stephen King’s Thinner, or The Fly, where you basically take a scientist and then subject him to a very simple equation. For Barry Allen, he’d just be getting faster and faster and faster — and what would that mean? Because somewhere up there is the speed of light, and when you hit the speed of light, basically all time stops and it’s the end. That’s the limit. So we’re watching this guy progress through it, faster and faster. By the end of Act 1, his clothes are burning off every time he moves, so he has to build himself a suit, and then he paints the suit red like a Ferrari and is just speeding around like he’s on coke all the time! I want to do that as a sci-fi story, but out of it comes the familiar image of the Flash. I think that’d be totally different, just taking it from a different angle.

Whatever happened to the rumored Rogue Trooper script you were developing with Sam Worthington’s film production company?

Well, the way I wanted to do it was different than the way they wanted to do it. It’s one of those things that’s bubbling over there on the fringes, I don’t know if it’ll happen though.

Any other screenplays you’re working on right now?

Yeah, but I can’t talk about that. There’s a TV thing I’m doing right now and a movie thing, too, but I’ve signed NDAs so I can’t say anything.

Lastly, when’s MorrisonCon 2 going to happen?

It’s never gonna happen. We wanted that to be a complete one-off unique in space-time. Never again.



I dislike the idea of Morrison on Flash now as much as I dislike his ideas for Wonder Woman. Can’t he do the other Big Seven instead? I don’t give a shit about Hal Jordan, Aquaman, or Martian Manhunter so he can fuck them up as much as he likes…

I’m in for Morrison Flash! MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I’d rather see it as a Year One, Year Zero thing, though. I’ve really quite liked what Booch & Manapul have done and don’t want that erased.

MorrisonCon was a unique event in space-time?!? I didn’t get to go! Now, if I want to attend, I’ll have to build a time machine! Did any of you get to go? Was my future-self there?

That Flash idea sounds like a lot of fun, especially considering that no one has ever made me care about Barry Allen beyond that time he ran so fast that he died. Could be a terrific Elseworlds book, if only DC still believed in those (or fun, or good comics).

He already did Flash in the late 90’s with Millar. But if he’s got a new story, I’m all for it.

Morrison + Flash = WIN ;)

Morrison already took a dump on Batman and Superman, I guess Flash will have his turn next.

He wrote so many interesting things about The Flash and the symbolism of the lightning bolt in Supergods, and used Wally to such great effect throughout his JLA run, that I can’t imagine anything more exciting right now. Another ‘Earth One’ project, I suppose.

Frankly, Morrison’s idea for The Flash sounds great & I wish mechanisms were still in place at DC for creators to explore takes on their characters that wouldn’t necessarily impact on the “real” characters. What Morrison describes sounds like All-Star Flash. The Flash has always been a very frustrating character for me because if he could truly run at even half the speed of light, his fight scenes shouldn’t last more than 2 panels – just before & after shots. If you could run so quickly no one could see you coming – & if your speed wasn’t just a muscle thing but also included your perception, cognitive function & reaction speed (& with every version of The Flash so far, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t) – why on earth would you ever slow down long enough for them to? Captain Cold’s waving that freeze pistol around. WHAM! You either have him knocked out (or dead, because that punch would have tons of momentum behind it) or you have his weapon away from him before he can even tighten his grip on it. The Flash is a classic case of a DC “science” hero who really functions on magical principles. It’d be nice to see someone logic him & his powers out for a change.

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