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Clearly, Lois Lane deserves her own animated series

lois lane

Following the recent (and adorable) Bizarro animated short, Cartoon Network has released a clip from “Tales of Metropolis, Starring Lois Lane,” which premieres Saturday as part of the channel’s DC Nation programming block. While the previous installment of “Tales of Metropolis” gave us a glimpse of a no-nonsense Lois, this preview reveals her in intrepid-journalist mode — “Best reporter ever!” — as she refuses to allow Batman to dodge her questions about his sources of funding.

Moving from supporting player in the Bizarro short to star here, it’s obvious the only place Lois has left to go is her own animated series, Lois Lane: Best Reporter Ever – preferably with Jimmy Olsen as her faithful, if clueless, sidekick.

DC Nation airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.



I love Lois Lane Kent. I just wish DC felt the same.

I am constantly baffled as to how DC can be so experimental, light hearted and fun with some of these cartoon attempts, but the comics must remain cookie cutter, “house style” grit fests. I don’t get it.

I would absolutely watch “Lois Lane: Best Reporter Ever!” Just think of all the unasked questions of the DCU that she could uncover!

Count me as another one of those who thinks Lois Lane is one of the greatest characters in the DCU. Seigel and Schuster actually wanted her to find out Clark’s secret ID and become his true partner and confidant … clear back in Superman #6! She should have her own monthly ongoing again.


Cookie cutter house style gritfests indeed.

The first one was very enjoyable — 180 degrees from that awful Wonder Woman thing they’ve been running.

I would buy a Lois Lane comic.

Hell, I would write a Lois Lane comic if given the chance! At least they give us what we want on Saturday mornings for 4 minutes at a time.

Amen re: Lois Lane Kent. Catsmeow spoke truth.

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