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Comics A.M. | DiDio & Lee on digital, variants & creator turnover

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Publishing | ICv2 has one of its periodic Big Interviews with DC Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, this time covering how new readers are finding digital comics, how variant covers are working and graphic novel sales in bookstores, among other topics. Here’s Lee’s rather elliptical take on the flurry of recent changes in creative teams: “Without getting into the specifics, from the outside looking in, it might look like there’s a string of changes that point to one common theme, as you suggest. But from the inside looking out, you’ll see that each one has a different set of circumstances and conditions that ultimately led to the conflicts or the resignations or changes in creative personnel.” [ICv2]

Retailing | ICv2 also reports that Amazon and are having a price war on graphic novels, and readers are the beneficiaries. The website did a little shopping around and found a handful of graphic novels priced at up to 70 percent off full retail. [ICv2]

Retailing | Hypno-Tronic Comics of Staten Island, New York, had its grand opening last weekend; co-owner Joy Ghigliotti believes this is the first comic shop in New York to be owned and operated by a woman. [Staten Island Advance]

3 Guns #1

3 Guns #1

Creators | 2 Guns creator Steven Grant talks about his comic-book sequel 3 Guns, which goes on sale today. [USA Today]

Creators | Artist Sam De La Rosa got his big break with a gig on World’s Finest and drew DC and Marvel comics for many years. Now retired, he stopped in at a local comics shop recently to talk about his career and how he puts together a comic. [The Brownsville Herald]

Creators | In a video shot at Comic-Con International, Dave Gibbons and Liam Sharp of Madefire Comics discuss using motion and other features in their digital comics. [Forbidden Planet]

Conventions | Patrick A. Reed has an interesting take on the convention panel report: He compares and contrasts the Marvel and DC “Breaking into Comics” panels at Comic-Con. [MTV Geek]

Manga | Tom Langston presents a brief history of four-panel gag manga in the English-speaking market. [Nigorimasen!]



Regardless of the “unique circumstances”, Jim Lee is avoiding the point that the top echelon of comic creators all have left DC and mostly have no desire to return. Spin that.

That’s all right, Jim Lee always avoids the point that he has absolutely no idea clue of what he is doing as a publisher of anything, let alone a comic company. Wildstorm was an abject failure of a business, only staying alive as long as it did due to the output of a few creators, of which Jim Lee was not one. In terms of 90’s sensibilities, he was a great artist, but in terms of 21st Century sensibilities, he really has shown himself to be a one-trick pony, and the trick has gotten real old.

I think it’s about time for Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Bob Harras to be fired from their executive positions.

As a whole these four have caused serious damage to DC Comics as a brand to both readers and people in the industry due to their mishandling of the characters they have the privilege of controlling.

While I don’t think Lee and Johns should be totally removed from the company, it’s about time for some new management to take charge in order to fix the mess these four have placed DC in.

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