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Comics A.M. | Palestinian cartoonist to be released today

Mohammed Saba'aneh

Mohammed Saba’aneh

Legal | Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Saba’aneh, who was arrested in March by Israeli authorities and held for what many feared would be an indefinite period, is expected to be released today. [Palestine News Network]

Graphic novels | Aligning itself with the latest trend in education, Diamond Book Distributors has released a list of 98 graphic novels that can fit in with a Common Core curriculum. [Diamond Book Distributors]

Awards | The shortlist has been announced for the Scottish Comic Book Alliance Awards. [Forbidden Planet]

Creators | Tom Spurgeon talks at length to Matt Bors, winner of last year’s Herblock Prize and a Pulitzer Prize nominee, about the Boston Marathon bombings, making a living as an editorial cartoonist these days, and his new book, Life Begins at Incorporation. [The Comics Reporter]

Christ the Lord

Christ the Lord

Creators | Rich Johnston interviews Mike S. Miller, who’s illustrating a Kickstarter-funded graphic-novel adaptation of Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord. [Bleeding Cool]

Comics | Lea Hernandez’s Kickstarter campaign her all-ages comic The Garlicks started an interesting discussion about the uses of crowdfunding but ultimately failed to raise enough to fund the comic; she did better with a subsequent campaign on IndieGoGo. And now it has been picked up by Action Lab, which also publishes Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless. [The Beat]

History | Andrew A. Smith takes a wry look at the part comics played in keeping the zombie subgenre alive. [Sioux City Journal]

History | Here’s a great history mystery: A reporter follows the clues to determine who drew a set of World War I cartoons in the Wairarapa Archive in New Zealand. [Wairarapa Times-Age]



Really Diamond? Half the recommendations for kids in grade 4-6 are adaptation of prose fiction? Seems like there must be some more original comics material that would be appropriate, with less of a “read this so you don’t have to read the real version” vibe.

Diamond should have looked more closely at the Common Core curriculum and why it is currently one of the biggest concerns for parents in the nation right now, before getting into bed with the people behind that group. There are plenty of children’s groups they could have gone with. This looks bad for Diamond, who have now put these artists, many of whom will not agree with Common Core’s controversial curriculum, in the crossfire of that debate.

Scratchie and Michael – as a school librarian, I have to work with the Common Core, no matter how many concerns I have about the standards. Since I have to work with the standards right now, I’d much rather have a working list that will help me provide my students with books that will definitely be more enjoyable. And my students like those adaptations, so please don’t knock them so hard. By the way, most of the librarians I talked to at the American Library Association Annual Conference who looked at it liked the list. And we’re the professionals who will be working with it.

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