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Eric Canete ‘messing around’ with the Masters of the Universe


The Masters of the Universe toys came out when I was about 11, and some of my friends went nuts for them. I didn’t like them: They were too big to use alongside my Star Wars figures, too short to play alongside Action Man, and I was starting to get more into the novels of Albert Camus anyway. Oh, and the cartoon was some trite crap, even to the 11-year old me.

Last night Eric Canete posted a stream of MOTU sketches via his Instagram account. Maybe Mattel’s figures meant more to the young Canete, maybe they’re preparatory work for a new project, maybe he’s just nostalgic for the time he spent working on He-Man storyboards a decade ago. When asked by some random guy in the comments after the Man-At-Arms sketch, Canete declared these as “just messing around.”

Anyway, good to see Skeletor looking so happy in his work. What does a guy like that put on his CV anyway? “Incompetent would-be cosmic dictator”? That guy couldn’t run a whelk stall, let along an evil empire.

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His art is awesome. I would love to see him on Masters of the Universe . . . that would be awesome.

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