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I love Robot 6. I have been following you guys since the days before you moved from Newsarama to CBR and have been happily subscribing to all your posts via RSS.

Something happened to the RSS feed lately. I was told you guys upgraded the servers. Now, I have to click the link to read the rest of the article. I don’t like doing that because then I’d have to read the rest of the content with the orangy-peach background, which really hurts my eyes. I am actually reading fewer articles of Robot 6 because of this recent change.

I hope you guys will consider letting your RSS feeds contain all the content as it used to, rather than one or two paragraphs. Or please at least upgrade the Robot 6 part of CBR a bit to make it easier on the eyes (maybe change the background to a darker tone), especially when the articles are really long. Thank you!

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