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Francesco Francavilla, the hardest-working artist in comics?

It’s rare that you see an artist do a continuous long run on a monthly comic series these days. Mark Bagley, Charlie Adlard and John Romita Jr. are among the relative few, and even their tenures are sometimes broken up by extra-sized issues or a biweekly shipping schedule. But joining those ranks of the most prodigious artists in comics is a fairly new face: Francesco Francavilla.

The Italian artist has been steadily working up through the ranks in the comic industry since his debut in 2006, but 2012 was his breakthrough year, as he won an Eisner Award for his covers, saw his creator-owned series Black Beetle start at Dark Horse and drew two arcs of Captain America and a fill-in issue of DC’s Swamp Thing. But in October, things are getting crazy, with Francavilla working simultaneously as the artist on three series — Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Archie’s Afterlife with Archie at Archie, and his own Black Beetle: Necrologue at Dark Horse.

This has already been a blockbuster year for Francavilla, with seven complete issues already released — Black Beetle #1-4, Batwoman #21, Hawkeye #10 and #12 — plus an astonishing 46 covers for various publishers. Forty-six!

In an interview earlier this year with ROBOT 6, he commented on his amazing flurry of work by dubbing it “Creative ADD,” and even admitting he sometimes forgets what he does due to the sheer volume.

“The other day I was flipping through Previews and I saw a cover I forgot I did!” The artist told Tim O’Shea. “Then I went to check if I forgot to invoice it too!”

James Brown ain’t got nothing on Francesco Francavilla.



Love your art. Keep it up!! I’ll be buying Afterlife with Archie, first Archie comic (apart from Sonic and MegaMan) that I’ll buy in years.

I love this guy! I particularly like his page layouts…in Black Beetle the perspectives of the panels were so unique. Keep showing the industry how it’s done, Francesco!

Don’t forget his amazing coloring skills!

Jake Earlewine

July 25, 2013 at 5:54 am

Francavilla is a real artist. He has masterered the art of design AND he has mastered the art of storytelling. All the Jim Lee’s, Rob Liefield’s, Frank Cho’s and Leinil Yu’s can turn in their pencils now.

Well, unfortunately this may be the reason that Hawkeye 13 and 14 are delayed by 2 months…

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