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Geoff Johns reveals truth behind ‘Trinity War’ in new video


If you can’t make heads or tails “Trinity War,” DC Comics’ universe-spanning crossover that begins Wednesday with Justice League #22, who better than Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to explain it? And how better to lay out the premise of the six-part storyline than with a slickly produced video? (Bonus question: Just how many cups of coffee can one person go through?)

Seriously, “The Truth Behind Trinity War” is incredibly well done, and may even change the minds of a few people who previously had no interest in the publisher’s latest summer event.

“Trinity War” kicks off with Justice League #22, and then continues in Justice League of America #6, Justice League Dark #22, Justice League of America #7 and Justice League Dark #23 before concluding in Justice League #23 (there are also a handful of tie-ins; you can find the checklist here). Well, “concluding,” as the events of “Trinity War” lead into Forever Evil and Villains Month …



Um…does this just spoil the ending of the event?

Wow. That was a good video. Unfortunately, it ruined the gigantic twist to the story.

Wasn’t “the bad guys win” the who tagline for FINAL CRISIS and the year leading up to THAT? I usually try and stick up for the Big 2 when it comes to their crossovers, but they’ve gotta space out the recycling just a little more, don’tcha think?

the current issue of “Previews” shows that after “Trinity War” that the bad guys take over so it’s not a surprise.

@James and Michael
It’s not about WHAT happens as the ending, it’s HOW you see it happen. You don’t know how the whole thing was orchestrated.

Nice video and I’m sure the core target audience will love it. Sadly on every level this seems to be so not the sort of story I read comics about superheroes for. It becomes hard to tell who is a good guy and who is a bad guy? And the good guys lose and villains win? Seriously? Wow, that’s so darn inspirational and fun!

Yes, I know the heroes will be back afterwards but this is just such a crass “gee, look at the depths we’ll sink to prove we’re dark gritty ain’t it cool badass enough to rape everything heroes were originally created to be” stunt as to be absolutely stunning by virtue of its total moral bankruptcy.

Every day I become more and more convinced that it is to the benefit of the legacies of benched characters like Kickass Cass and Waffle Chef Steph to not to be a part of this universe.

Still no interest in this story.

I am so sick of seeing entire storylines designed around heroes fighting heroes. Oh, yeah there is the secret reveal where villain orchestrate the event but for the most of the story, its heroes fighting heroes.

Why are we having this as an idea? Did we not get enough of this in the Green Lantern Color Wars? Giant armies of different colored heroes duking it out for some unknown purpose, that at the end no one even cares about?

Then Marvel did it again in Civil War. Heroes who register versus heroes who don’t. And a premise so weak, it barely passes the sniff test. And then they did it again in Avengers vs. X-men. A random Phoenix event takes over a bunch of heroes, amps them up and then we still don’t care because the Red Hulk punks them all.

Why are we doing this? Are readers so jaded we have to just pit heroes against heroes because everything else has been done and we are simply too lazy to find the motivations necessary to tell new stories? Is this just a bid to keep colorful conflicts going so we don’t recognize the characters aren’t growing, aren’t evolving, they are just waiting for another Universal reboot, so we can forget whatever horrible events caused this new Crisis on Boring and Redundant Earths…

Yes. I am already longing for a Crisis to erase the New 52 already…

It’s essentially “Dark Reign”, but the villains take over on purpose, rather than on accident. Meh.

You know? I would say this sounds like something a 5 year old came up with, except Axe Cop is vastly more creative and original.

Nice concept. Shame about the price point. $3.99 for 20pp of content isn’t acceptable. I am quietly confident that ‘Trinity War’ sales won’t reflect my opinion.

I guess we can expect one “Event” developing from the previous one since Johns is behind this. It was his MO on Green Lantern and it worked there so no doubt he will continue here. Honestly I prefer some decompression *between* Events rather than in the extended storytelling OF Events. For example the First Lantern story coming immediately out of the Third Army arc was too much and also sort of so what, not again.


as far as big events go, Fear Itself wasn’t a heroes vs. heroes story. Nor was Blackest Night (frankly, I’m not even sure what you’re talking about when you suggest GL h as been heroes vs. heroes – Sinestro Corps War had clear bad guys, Blackest Night had clear bad guys, War of the Green Lanterns had Krona, Rise of the Third Army/Wrath of the First Lantern had a clear villain). Nor was Secret Invasion. Age of Ultron wasn’t really either. And Infinity looks like it’s going to be a Thanos story.

But don’t let that get in the way of your “I’m so sick of heroes vs. heroes” narrative.

Sounds like a DC version of Civil War and Dark Reign

Gonna let it play out. I’m not going to bash something I have not read.

I’m the only one tired of the repetitive ideas and dull stories of Geoff Johns?

Gee, more heroes vs heroes.

Do any of them fight villains anymore, or are they just around to be jerks to each other?

And also, who is Catwoman going to outdo? Not Batman, that’s for sure.

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