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Hip-hop legend Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels to kickstart comic book

Darryl McDaniels at Midtown Comics

Darryl McDaniels at Midtown Comics

Hip-hop pioneer Darryl McDaniels, who put the “D.M.C.” in Run-D.M.C., has enlisted artists Damion Scott and Dexter Vines and writer Ronald Wimberly for a 48-page comic that will focus on b-boys, graffiti artists and hip-hop culture — and feature a superhero named Darryl.

McDaniels delivered the news Tuesday during a press conference at Midtown Comics in New York City, where he launched his imprint Darryl Makes Comics, which features Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez as editor-in-chief and music executive Rigo “Riggs” Morales as senior editor. They’ll turn to Kickstarter to fund the project.

“We’re putting it into the fans hands, just like hip-hop pushed CDs out of trunks,” The Source quotes Miranda-Rodriguez as saying. There’s no corporate backing behind the comic, we’re looking for the fans to [enjoy the comic and] push this for us.”

As McDaniels explains in the Kickstarter video (below), “This graphic novel will entertain, educate and inspire all who enter into the DMC universe and empower all cultures the same way I did with my music.”



It’s gonna be legend…Wait for it… Darryl!

Hip hop and comic book genres have never meshed well. while I am a big fan of fifty cent, I necessarily might not wish to read a comic book about him. secondly its hard to believe a guy that has never mentioned comic books in his life is suddenly a comic book fan and wishes to work in this industry passionately. I think its just a ploy to bring some sort of income to his account, nothing against him but that’s what I feel, I see this going the way of other hiphop/comic book pitches and sports/comicbook issues, down the drain.

Um, WHY?! Doesn’t he have more than enough money to put together and publish a graphic novel for himself? I thought Kickstarter was for people who NEED funding?

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