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‘Joker Rising’ fan film explores origin of Batman’s greatest foe

joker rising

Smoking Alien Productions has debuted the rough cut of Joker Rising, a fan film billed as “the dark and gritty story of the early days of the Joker and how he became what we know him as today.”

Clocking in at about 1 hour and 20 minutes, the film draws inspiration from director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, recasting familiar Gotham City villains like Killer Croc, The Penguin and The Riddler in a crime drama that’s light on costumes and masks. The filmmakers say they’re considering using Joker Rising as the foundation for a “Gotham crime trilogy,” with other members of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery receiving the same dark treatment.

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Interested in watching this, although I’m pretty firmly against trying to give the Joker a difinitive origin. It really undercuts the effectiveness of the character.

Looks like a modern twist on the origin. @JokersNuts: I’m intrigued by your stance on Joker’s origin. What makes you feel that way?

Lots of people share this view. The Nolans did, too, I’m sure. Hell, they subtracted an origin scene for Bane. In any case, the idea behind this is that Joker is more symbolically developed as a criminal reaction to the presence of a super-vigilante–those guys who work on the side of the law, but not abiding by its strictures completely. That’s why Batman does not believe in warrants, hah.

But if something is done well, then why not. I haven’t finished the flick yet so I can’t say. I can’t help but think Azzarelo’s joker book might also be an influence here.

I guess no one has read the Killing Joke

I don’t get why people waste time and money on making fan films when they could try to make something of their own.

This was HORRIBLE! The acting is over the top, and completely hammy. The story is slow, and completely unnecessary. And there is no form of subtlety. The film chooses to hit you over the head with every metaphor and allusion it can think of.

This is without a doubt the most awful thing I have seen. I don’t want to see the Joker cry (not once, but twice). I don’t want to feel sorry for him, or understand the rough background he had. I want him to continue to be just chaos in human form with no rhyme or reason.

This stinks!

^^ Calm down, kid.

It’s just a movie that fans wanted to make.

geez people need to stop hating it was a fan film made by fans it’s their interpretation is there work it’s what they want to make there’s no need I’m a silly I have read The Killing Joke and I’m totally agree The Joker does need to order story but it was interesting for this movie is its good its just a fan film its not trying to be no ones Dark Knight trilogy not trying to be Batman Robin who is this movie is if you sit back and look at it as a complete original piece of work for what it is and all the concept that brought into it making the Riddler a pimp making crock a hit man making the penguin a little under Lord it’s good for what it is and I respect is working honestly I liked it that doesn’t mean I agree to the Joker needs a origin story it was good and it made me tear up for the joker it was sad

would to watch but is block how can I get around that

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