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‘Maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to mainstream comics’

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“I think the digital distribution revolution is maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to mainstream comics. I really miss the days when you could find a comics spinner rack in every drug store, but now anyone who owns a mobile device can have their own personal spinner rack, and it’s always stocked with every issue imaginable. I don’t know if creators at other companies are privy to exactly how many digital copies their books are selling these days, but the statements Fiona and I get from Image are pretty staggering. I realize that’s not true for every book, but the day when many titles start selling more digital copies than print copies is not years away, it’s months away.”

Brian K. Vaughan, discussing digital comics in a new interview with Comic Book Resources about Saga and The Private Eye



I hope it’s good for the creators. I don’t see how it’s good for the stores. As a reader, it does nothing for me. I love BKV’s work. Couldn’t wait for Saga 1 to come out. Can’t wait for the next issue in August. But I bought The Private Eye, downloaded it, and it’s still sitting there, waiting to be read. I’m no Luddite. I like my gadgets, but so far, digital comics have not been a “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” moment.

Comics will never be more satisfying to read digitally than in print until creators start actually utilizing the technology more effectively. Most comics apps are just glorified PDF readers. It’ll take more books like Upgrade Soul and Operation Ajax to really compel people to make the transition.

Maybe you people should actually READ The Private Eye, cause it’s amazing stuff and you kind of make yourself look like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Well said, APoehler. It’s your loss if you don’t read a comic by two creators at the top of their games.

I wasn’t talking about the content, just the mode of delivery. I was excited to see the book teased, especially with Martin on art, but I was worried that those teasers with their social media tags meant that it would be digital first. Digital only is even worse. How do I not know what I’m talking about if I say I prefer print books?

And having finally read the file, I agree that it’s great. I’m happy that it fit the screen of my computer well. But I still wish it was printed on effing paper.

I have no problem with digital, but I can’t seem to get this without creating a paypal account and I don’t want to do that.

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