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Morrison’s ‘Wonder Woman’ is ‘a mother and daughter story’

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While Grant Morrison’s remarks about bondage, submission and eroticism in early Wonder Woman comics may receive widespread attention, his more subdued comments in a new interview may actually shed the most light on his long-awaited take on the Amazing Amazon.

Talking to USA Today about Wonder Woman: Earth One, his 120-page graphic novel with artist Yanick Paquette, the writer explains that, “I’m really focusing a lot more on the mother and daughter story in it between Hippolyta and Diana. I want it to be that kind of book, a story about women.”

“I grew up with my own mother and sister in the house,” he continues, “and it was watching that and the way women can tear each other apart and lift each other up at the same time. I wanted to do a little bit of my own experience with those characters. Diana’s a lot more defiant in it and she’s not sent to man’s world — she runs away to it so there’s a very different dynamic between her and Hippolyta, and the entire thing basically takes place around a trial.”

That’s fitting, Morrison reasons, as “I always felt one of the fundamentals of Wonder Woman in at least the last two decades is that she always seems to be on trial, and I don’t mean that in a story sense. Everyone’s always saying, ‘Why does nobody buy Wonder Woman? Why isn’t she any good?’ It seems like she’s always on trial, so I thought if I literalized that and made the story basically the Amazons bringing her back home after her first adventure away and putting her on trial, it’d be different from anything else you might see. The Amazons have their own ways of doing things.

“It’s kind of asking Wonder Woman to justify herself, which I feel has almost been what the character’s had to do for a long time.”

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Looks good.

My God! That ART!

This is going to be so good.

A mother and daughter story? In a Wonder-Woman book? Come on Morrison, don’t you know that Diana’s birth, her relationship to her mother and a peaceful Amazon civilization are the least interesting things about the character and should be disposed of as fast as possible!

Now, more seriously, I really like Azzarello’s run but the beginning, the whole “what kind of idiot would believe the clay origin?”, Wonder-Woman’s Amazons are rapists and killers and getting rid of the mother was just an awful way to start.

Also, I trust Morrison, he is one of my favourite writers. He better deliver with this book because him getting to write it apparently was the reason why Rucka unfortunately left DC.

Excellent artwork. I was afraid we would never see this…

looks boring.

forget that faux ancient greek bondage nonsense and finish SEAGUY 3 already….

Didn’t he quit or retire from comics or something? I thought I read that not long ago…

it was probably just that he was done with Batman for now.

When does this come out?

This is looking better than I thought it would be!

Grant Morrison? He’s still alive?

“You say you have not been corrupted by Man’s world with lips willingly smeared with its pollution”

david fullam? he’s still alive?

@Malreyn: “Didn’t he quit or retire from comics or something? I thought I read that not long ago…”

Pretty sure he said that he felt burned out by superheroes so he would look to move away from them… I guess he keeps finding projects he wants to work on.

I’m feeling a bit jaded in regards to Morrison at the moment, he has a hell of a lot of goodwill from me because of the amount of amazing stuff he has written, but over the last few days I reread his Action Comics run, which may be the most disappointing run of a comic I’ve ever read in full.

I really hope this is excellent.

Last year he said he felt a little burnt out in the superhero genre and wanted to focus on creator owned projects for a while. This and Multiversity are supposed to be his last superhero works for the foreseeable future. At SDCC he said next year he’s going to focus on film/tv work.

Well, at least he won’t be taking a dump on Batman anymore.

Morrison is perhaps the most overrated writer of all time. Not really interested in any of the Earth-One books/stories, since they don’t fall within New 52 continuity, but even if I was, I’d skip this one anyway.

I’m not not sold on Azz’s WW either, but I’d take that over anything GM does with the character in a heartbeat.

I’ll be glad when GM leaves DC altogether. IMO, he hasn’t done anything worth reading, since Final Crisis, & even that was a stretch.

This will be the first DC hardcover I’ve bought in more than a decade. I like Azz’s Wonder Woman as well.

Morrison always brings something unique to the table. One of the all-time greats, and I hope he enjoys his time away from monthly super stuff.

Sabertooth Tiger Mike

July 30, 2013 at 8:19 pm

Right on, Samurai36. Morrison is very overrated. Only a small portion of his body of work is any good, imo. He hasn’t done worth reading since Seven Soldiers. His Batman run has been underwhelming to say the least. For a long time I thought it was because Morrison didn’t get the character…but his run on Action Comics vol. 2 with Superman, a character he supposedly ‘gets’ was even worse. Morrison has been a writer who was known for his unusual take on superheroes and the comics genre who was turning it very boring work that was borderline unprofessional when he was allowed to play with DC’s biggest franchises, Superman and Batman.

My new theory on the decline of Morrison’s writing stems from DC’s editorial policies, where I think all of Morrison’s ‘crazy’ ideas, since Seven Soldiers, has been rejected. This leaves us with generic DC stories that highlight Morrison’s flaws, like his storytelling deficiencies. Another theory that I have that is compatible with my newer theory is that I also think that Mr. Morrison has run out of inspiration. A strong case has been made by Brendan McCarthy himself that many of Grant Morrison’s best ideas or inspiration came from himself or Peter Milligan.

Sabertooth Tiger Mike

July 30, 2013 at 8:22 pm

*”My new theory on the decline of Morrison’s writing stems from DC’s editorial policies, where I think all of Morrison’s ‘crazy’ ideas, since Seven Soldiers, has been rejected ”
should be
My new theory on the decline of Morrison’s writing stems from DC’s editorial policies, where I think all of Morrison’s ‘crazy’ ideas, since Seven Soldiers, have been rejected.

Paula V. Gunther

July 30, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Praise Hera, She is in heels! I wish Mother was blonde, but love the eagle chest emblem on both!!

More reasons to avoid this.

For “I think Morrison’s overrated” read “I don’t really understand the multiple levels on which his work operates and wish to be spoonfed comic book stories that fit in with my narrow conceptions of what comic books should be”.

I’m looking forward to this. I think that it is really shaping up to be a far more respectful take on WW and her origins than what Azzarello has done – of course, that’s not difficult. Just don’t make the Amazons murderers and rapists and you’re already ahead.

To me, the heart of WW has always been her relationship with her mother and the Amazons. Her entire worldview and strength of character come from that loving and supportive environment and childhood. It will be interesting to see how Morrison works with this.

One concern that I have: evaluating Amazon interactions on the basis of how women in our world interact may not be entirely justified. Women’s behavior is affected by the male-oriented society in which they live. An interesting thought experiment, and an essential part of this story, I believe, has to be a consideration of how women would interact with each other if men were not around. In some ways, little might change but, in others, there would be fundamental differences.

And, no, WW should not be wearing heels. That’s just ludicrous. At least her heels don’t seem to be stiletto heels but more practical wedge heels. But the heels at all make no sense.

interesting makeing it more about the mother daughter bond between wonder woman, and Hypolita for when i first heard grant was finaly going to add his touch to wonder woman and finish off doing the trinity kind of was afraid he was going to do more of that crazy stuff he did with batman and superman. like even bring back all the bondage stuff from her creator or something more crazy then dr. hurt either being an insane thomas wayne back from the dead or the devil. though would not mind if grant also gives wonder woman a kid like he did bringing damien into batman contiunity too.

@Paula V. Gunther

i think Yanick stated in the below interview that the eagles will be doves in his earth one version, in order to represent a relationship to Aphrodite:

“….We suggest that Themyscira is this utopian, beautiful, almost sci-fi world that evolved separately, but with the foundation of the Greek culture and the culture of Aphrodite (the Amazon goddess).” ….

….He details some of the changes he has in mind. “The animal associated to Aphrodite is a dove so instead of an eagle on [Wonder Woman’s] breastplate, it will be more of a dove. It’s not the American eagle, it’s the Aphrodite dove. Stuff that creates [the letter] W is by accident, so it’s not like she already has a letter of the alphabet on her [costume]. In the end I’ve created a structure so it feels inevitable for Wonder Woman to look the way she does.”

Paula V. Gunther

July 31, 2013 at 9:02 am

It’s so funny when fanboys cry out, “She’s in heels! That is ludicrous”, but the fact that this is a mystical super hero with super powers, that part is perfectly acceptable. Stupid argument always. It’s fantasy folks.
also,. thanks for the info dark rabbit! Very cool!

Oh, I understand what Morrison does, which is why I hate it so much.


Well, I doubt he’s that bothered.

I like how the comments start out positive. Then all it takes is one guy to say this looks like crap or Morrison is overrated and then everybodys like”Oh yeah yeah.Its crap hes totally overrated” Funny stuff.

@Miraclemouth. Well said dude!!

Morrison’s dream sequence for Wonder Woman in JLA 8-9 was a deft updating of Paula Von Gunther and an equalizing of the romance with Steve Trevor: it suggested that Morrison viewed Wonder Woman as more of an adventurer than as an icon and promised a simplification of her mythology. However, if Wonder Woman is going to have multiple costume changes over the course of his 120 page Earth One graphic novel, then simplicity has surely been replaced by spectacle. If the Amazons are putting their own princess on trial, if this is a mother/daughter story, if this is concerning feminine assimilation into the modern world, then Morrison’s work has much more in common with Marston’s original conception than I was hoping for. Marston never really “fleshed-out” Wonder Woman as an individual: she was “fashion forward” in her costume, but “plain Jane” in her civilian identity; she was revolutionary in her heroics, but easily ignored in her ordinary life, while beloved by her Amazon sisters. Marston never reconciled the contradictions between her being an Amazon princess, a superhero and a personal secretary to Steve Trevor. Morrison’s Zatanna story in SEVEN SOLDIERS is my all-time favorite tale of hers; it’s a father/daughter story as well as a mentor/student story and a coming-of-age story; it’s subtle and it’s wonderful! Morrison’s SHINING KNIGHT is simply amazing. But I feel that Thymescira is a sand-trap, that the Amazons are a MacGuffin, that Hippolyta is a tragic distraction from telling Wonder Woman’s impressive story in a powerful way, that these foolish things drain the energy from her magic lasso. Wonder Woman did not run away from Thymescira to escape judgement from her mother, she did not run away with Steve Trevor to become a cog in the war machine, she did not join the Justice League to shamelessly flirt with Superman: she’s not silly. I hope all those costume changes do nothing to break’a her stride to greatness with Grant Morrison! Hola!

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