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Report Card | ‘Boneyard’ to ‘Batgirl’ to ‘East of West’

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Welcome to “Report Card,” our new week-in-review feature. If “Cheat Sheet” is your guide to the week ahead, “Report Card” is a look back at the top news stories of the previous week, as well as a look at the Robot 6 team’s favorite comics that we read. The week before Comic-Con was a busy one for the industry, as all eyes look to San Diego.

Read on to find out what we thought of Batgirl, Eye of the Majestic Creature Vol. 2 and more.


Superstar artist George Perez. Photo by Carol Flynn

Superstar artist George Perez. Photo by Carol Flynn


Dragon*Con organizers bought out co-founder and accused child molester Ed Kramer for an undisclosed sum. Kramer, who’s in jail awaiting trial on child-molestation charges that date back 13 years, hasn’t been involved in the operation of the event since 2000, but continued to receive annual dividends because of his stake in the for-profit corporation.

Asa result of this move, author Nancy A. Collins, who asked professionals to boycott Dragon Con earlier this year due to their relationship with Kramer, has called off the boycott.

report-2bAmazon launched Jet City Comics, with plans to serialize comics for the Kindle, and then offer bundled digital editions and print collections. The first comic, Symposium, debuted this week. It’s by Christian Cameron and Dmitry Bondarenko, and is set in the “Foreworld” universe created by Neal Stephenson and others. The also plan to release comic adaptations of stories by George R.R. Martin and Hugh Howey’s dystopian novel Wool.

“While it’s fun to see books come to life as comics (I loved The Hedge Knight comic), this was somewhat of a disappointment,” Corey Blake wrote this week. “The level of imagination and creativity coming from comics today is just mind-boggling; there’s a healthy stream of insane ideas, rich world-building, fantastic characters and engrossing narratives — all of them original and formed whole cloth from the minds of comic creators. Comics are more than up to the task of providing original material. I’m sure the reasoning for this choice is that Jet City wants to have recognizable brands to get people’s attention, to pull from pre-established readers and audiences. That’s understandable. But not a single original comic in the initial line-up? Does Belle’s statement that the focus will be on adapting books mean that’s all Jet City will do? I sincerely hope not.”

report-3bBOOM! Studios announced that legendary artist George Perez has signed on as an exclusive artist with the company — a different kind of exclusive deal than is normally seen in the industry. Perez will start his contract as a staff artist with the company, beginning with work on current BOOM! titles and properties before branching out into brand-new original work.

“…while I have enjoyed considerable professional and personal success with both Marvel and DC, it was becoming all too evident that many of the books being produced by both companies seem to be getting more and more corporate driven. Many of the characters I grew up with were turning into strangers whose adventures were determined by factors that had less and less to do with what made a good comic story and more to do with how these properties can be exploited for other purposes. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess, but not something that I felt was particularly satisfying for me as a storyteller,” Perez told Comic Book Resources.

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Just checking . . . James Jr. is alive, and Suicide Squad is running in the same continuity as Batgirl, right? I’d say that’s par for the course, but it feels like Gail hit a birdie, at worst.

Andrew Collins

July 14, 2013 at 10:49 pm

A week with a new Richard Moore comic on the stands is always a good week…

I get both Batgirl and Supergirl and in a lot of ways, the people working on Supergirl could learn from Batgirl. Just last issue Kara summed up her whole experience on Earth as a big bucket of suck. She has had no normal time since her debut in the New 52. The one moment of “normal” lasted a few panels till a magical Black Banshee decided to eat all the souls around her.
But with Batgirl, you get a little downtime here and it was beautiful. It has to be the only Batgirl issue that didn’t have Batgirl in it. It was just good ol Babs. Sure she smacked around a few thugs in her sassy way but it worked. They weren’t there to mug her and her date. They were wanting to send a message to Bab’s date’s older brother who is a low level wannabe drug lord.
And the world of Jim Gordon get’s amped up. Honestly, I don’t see how he keeps it all together. He lost dozens and dozens of men to Joker, lost Gotham to Leviathan, has his ex-wife come and go and then loses his son to a standoff with Batgirl. I love that they are giving him depth with his relationship with Batman. Jim knows Batman is messed up and doesn’t want to see anyone else go down that road. Especially a young lady like Batgirl who he is now hunting down.

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