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Ryan Kwanten is Marvel’s Eddie Brock in ‘Truth in Journalism’

ryan kwanten-truth in journalism

Producer Adi Shankar and director Phil Joanou generated a buzz last year at Comic-Con International with the premiere of “Dirty Laundry,” a brutal short film that saw The Punisher star Thomas Jane reprise his role as a weary Frank Castle who only wanted to wash his clothes. This year, Shankar returned with a follow-up of sorts with writer/director Joe Lynch’s “Truth in Journalism,” which turns the camera on another Marvel character: a certain “Eddie B.,” played by True Blood star Ryan Kwanten. It’s now available online.

It’s clever, depicting a French documentary crew as it follows the disgraced, and demented, journalist from crime scene to crime scene. Although “Truth in Journalism” isn’t as violent as “Dirty Laundry,” it definitely takes a dark turn toward the end. And in keeping with Marvel movie tradition, you should be sure to stick around for the end credits …

Worth noting: “Punisher: Dirty Laundry” will help kick off the ninth annual HollyShorts Film Festival next month in Hollywood.



Reminds me of the movie, “Man Bites Dog.” Everyone should see that movie.

Its sad people making a fanfilm meaning they aren’t even getting paid for it have done more with the Eddie Brock Venom character then Marvel or those making the official movies in the last 10 maybe fifteen years. If Sony was smart i’d put these guys in charge of the Venom spinoff they want to do.

I heard that Denis Sergovskiy is actually the Visual FX Venom! Did you see what happened to his Facebook Page today?

Looks like Venom took over his account (lol). He posted some pics from the set. I also just saw his Twitter:

AWESOME! I’m a huge fan of VENOM and Denis. He would be PERFECT for a Venom movie. Make it happen Marvel!

Kinda sad that I can watch this – essentially a fan film – but can’t watch KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM.

Benoit poelvoorde

August 4, 2013 at 10:27 am

He just rip off “Man Bites Dog” ^^

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