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SDCC ’13 | Check out the ‘Batman’ TV show Comic-Con backpack


If Warner Bros.’ oversized totes are the must-have accessory of Comic-Con International, then the must-have of the must-haves is undoubtedly the classic Batman television series design, which makes its debut on the DC Comics website. It appears alongside the one promoting the upcoming DC Universe Original Animated Movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, but really, Batman is the draw.

Warner Bros., which last year finally settled rights issues with 20th Century Fox regarding the 1966-68 television series, in March launched a Batman merchandising line that includes action figures, Barbie dolls, costumes for adults, and wall calendars. At the same time, DC Comics announced its digital-first Batman ’66 series by Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case.

As with the other Comic-Con swag bags, which this year are backpacks, the Batman and Flashpoint Paradox designs come with detachable capes — the former featuring the classic TV Batman emblem and the latter with the logo of the direct-to-DVD movie. Following the release of these two, the only remaining designs to see are for Godzilla, The LEGO Movie and 300: Rise of an Empire.

More than 130,000 backpacks promoting more than a dozen Warner Bros. properties will be given for free to attendees throughout Comic-Con, which begins Wednesday with Preview Night. See the other designs here.

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Flashpoint, I disliked the end result, disposable characters and gore. But, it did give us the Batman mini series and that was incredible. Wasn’t the point of Blackest Night, less deaths and grim dark stories afterwards.

I enjoyed Identity Crisis tremendously, just to clarify that I don’t mind violence and the negative undertones in a comic. I just thought Flashpoint violence was for shock value and I wasn’t shocked, just annoyed.

I liked Flashpoint myself up to a point. I think they had too many pointless crossovers though. If most of the crossovers had spent more time at really looking at different aspects of the characters it would have been better. But most were done in a “What if?” style that made them largely forgettable.
The Batman crossover was the best.
Traci Thirteen and Kid Flash were the next best for me. I’ve been really disappointed at Traci 13 has not found her way into the New 52…unless I’ve missed it.
Just once I would like to visit Comic Con but it’s so exclusive now that the casual person just doesn’t have a chance :( Guess I’ll just go and buy a Yvonne Craig Barbie Batgirl doll to add to my collection.

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