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SDCC ’13 | Cooke’s ‘Parker: Slayground’ arriving in December


Parker, the remorseless thief created by Donald E. Westlake under the name Richard Stark, will return to IDW Publishing in December with Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Slayground. It will be the fifth Parker story the cartoonist has adapted since 2009’s The Hunter.

Slayground pits the character against crooked cops and sleazy gangsters when a heist goes wrong and Parker is trapped in an amusement park closed for the winter, and caught n a deadly game of cat and mouse.

“A boarded up amusement park was an inspired setting for Parker,” Cooke said in a statement, “and Westlake made the most of it. A great story that I’m enjoying the hell out of adapting.”

His previous Parker adaptations have received numerous Eisner Awards, with Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score winning just last night for best adaptation from another medium.




isnt this the fourth book?

There was a short adaptation of ‘The Man With The Getaway Face” which was released independently, then re-released as the first portion of ‘The Outfit.’

Always look forward to these. The Score was a little lower than Hunter & Outfit, but still good. Lacking a real antagonist, like the first two had really hurt the drama, I think.

Actually, the 4th story was the one included exclusively in the Martini Edition. The getaway short was edited and included in the Score.

Oops not the Score. The Outfit.

The fourth is The seventh, exclusively in the Martini Edition ( and it’s only a little part of the book that’s adapted)

Well, hey, even more!

I’m just glad another book is on the way soon!

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