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Sean Murphy draws Wolverine, Batman, Punisher & Tom Waits


Although he’s not attending Comic-Con International this year, Sean Murphy is keeping busy. The Brooklyn-based cartoonist, who’s illustrating the Vertigo series The Wake, has opened his doors to do a limited number of commissions. It’s rare for Murphy to accept private commissions, but he’s hoping to help fund the purchase of a house. Whatever the reason, these are a chance for fans to see Murphy draw something he seldom does in comics — superheroes.

While Murphy has work like Batman/Scarecrow: Year One and Teen Titans: Cold Case to his credit, he’s best known for non-superhero projects like Joe the Barbarian, American Vampire and Punk Rock Jesus. These commissions — four have been released so far — show Murphy doing Marvel and DC’s top heroes, from Batman to Wolverine to the Punisher. Oh, and also … Tom Waits.






Wow. Double wow at that Batman. Someone get him on Batman, now.

Collectively; Wolverine, Punisher, and Batman are ALMOST as cool as Tom Waits. I’m not rating these awesome pieces by Murphy, I’m talking about in real life. Tom Waits is an American treasure and a badass.

Beautiful art!

And Tom Waits and Bale’s Batman have almost the same “I just gargled with gravel and glass” voice.

Stitch Tuesday

July 16, 2013 at 8:28 pm

@Erech Sean Murphy has mentioned in his DA journals before that interiors for Superheroes weren’t his thing. That’s a reason why most of his recent stuff is mostly in Vertigo (Punk Rock Jesus, The Wake, Joe Barbarian. I recall he did something for Teen Titans, but that was a long time ago, when he was probably starting (and can’t afford to be picky).

Still, If they can convince him to do a Batman book, my god will I be pleased.

The Sergio Toppi influence really comes through in these pieces — and that’s a good thing! Not intended as a complaint or criticism at all!

Stephen Conway

July 17, 2013 at 1:42 am

If something ever prompts Bluewater to do a Tom Waits book, there’s the perfect artist.

I need to start buying his work, because my God these are amazing. That Wolverine–and I hope this doesn’t sound too-damn-fanboy–is really a unique perspective and a badass piece. They’re all brilliant, but hot dog, that’s a good Wolverine!

I want a Murphy-drawn Brave & Bold title where every month Waits teams up with a DC character to run through scenes from Ironweed. (A quick check of IMDb reminds me he did play Doc Heller in 1999’s Mystery Men [])

Captain Haddock

July 17, 2013 at 12:34 pm

This is why Sean Murphy is so effective as an artist, he not only draws the characters exceptionally well, he gets in their heads and gives them so much personality. Look at that Wolverine commission, he’s clearly in the middle of a pitched battle with ninjas and while he’s been tagged ny a zillion arrows, he’s still good to go. Similarly, the Punisher is ostensibly just standing there, but you get the feeling something’s about to go down. If a picture can tell 1000 words, Murphy can tell 1,000,000!

Apologies for the gushing, I just read Punk Rock Jesus and Joe the Barbarian last week and am on a Murphy high!

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