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Under Armour releasing DC superhero-inspired sportswear


Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment have teamed with sportswear company Under Armour for a line of apparel designed “to empower athletes and unleash their alter egos.” Called, appropriately enough, Alter Ego, the collection is inspired by DC superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

The collection expands on Under Armour’s earlier custom Gotham Rogues collection, inspired by the football team uniforms in The Dark Knight Rises, and the a limited-edition Man of Steel baselayer T.

“Superhuman feats are accomplished by athletes every day. Whether it’s achieving a personal goal or competing on the field, we wanted to enable athletes to feel like a super hero and show off their alter ego,” Under Armour’s Glenn Silbert said in a statement. “Our partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and the resulting Alter Ego collection has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to expanding this concept, as well as our long-term partnership.”





The batman one picured will be picked up! Glad DC made this move. It makes lots of sense.

Gawd, WB Corporate is really going nuts with tie-in products! KIA cars, crap at Target, now this. I guess this is why we “needed” the New 52.

I know, right? Before the New 52 all DC merchandise was tasteful and understated and rarely ever placed on items as common as shirts. Clearly you have astutely ferreted out the connection there Paul, kudos–I look forward to your deubt on 60 Minutes any day.

My wife and I picked an Iron Man one out for my son who is under 10. When it rang up on the register is was $50, needless to say we put it back.

Not sure why this is “news” these have been available since May – the second shipment hits in August. Just check ebay, you’ll see a ton of them (overpriced) up there.

Wish there were more then just Superman and Batman. Would love The Flash.

Blah Blah they look real cool, hope they make a GL…eh?

They need more variety.

52. $52 t shirt. Coincidence?

That’s very cool. Some of it looks quite kinky looking.

What’s the guy doing in the top photo, by the way? Is he trying to lift those yellow things out of the tire? Or drag the tire using those yellow things…?

Well they’ve had these for awhile, Alter Ego line , they also have Spidey and Ironman. But no way to get them to Canada without crossing the border. Come ooooooooon guys.

and to Mod, he’s pulling the tire with two sledge hammers.

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