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Wonder Woman goes on date, kicks butt in ‘First Impressions’


With a tone somewhat reminiscent of Grayson: Earth One, director Leo Kei Angelos‘ short film First Impressions presents a vision of Wonder Woman in setting absent of costumes, unless you count a glimpse of her trademark tiara.

Written by Angelos and George H. Ruiz, the premise of the short is pretty simple: Diana (played Hailey Bright) is on a first date with an unnamed guy (Chester See) when she’s accosted by street thugs and the menacing Suited Man, who for some reason has been hired to retrieve her phone. If you’re thinking the Suited Man looks awfully familiar, that’s because he’s played by Doug Jones, best known for his roles in Hellboy, Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Pan’s Labyrinth.

Needless to say, the antagonists’ encounter with the butt-kicking, bullet-catching Diana doesn’t go well. Be sure to watch to the end for a nod to her “friends.”



Pretty cool–the fight’s were surprisingly kinetic and well-choreagraphed. My biggest issue with Buffy has forever been how cheesy the fight’s looked—I just could never get over Sarah Michael Gellar doing ANYTHING that the script called for. That said, this actress Hailey Bright looked fantastic (whether it was her in the stunts or not–it certainly was filmed in a convincing enough manner).

My only cons were:

A. Diana is shorter than this guy? Really???

B. Diana speaks in such a casual tone of voice—the character should always sound regal and authoritative.

C. TVTROPES–you’re on a date, it’s coming to an end and as you walk to your car you are mugged or have to fight but ONLY of course if where you are walking is completely empty and abandoned (what part of what city is this??)

All in all, really cool and great–GREAT choreography and SFX. What a great time to be a creative voice where technology has advanced to where people can produce content without the big corporate world staring down at them.

Why did she let him get beaten? Oh let’s see how he takes an butt-whooping before I commit to a second date….

But it was fun to watch either way.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense if he asked for… I dunno… her purse? Unless she carries with her a Justice League Phone with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

Bullet catching didn’t bother me as much as the bad cinematography… really needed to edit out some of those building backgrounds and street lights.

I thought it was awesome!!

Great looking fights, but I want Wonder WOMAN. Not Wonder Valley Girl.

Aaron Bourque

July 17, 2013 at 7:11 pm

She let him get beaten up, BA, because he didn’t enjoy Kill Bill.

Barbara Gordon

July 18, 2013 at 6:13 am

Aaron, I think “his boss” wanted her Justice League phone for whatever dastardly reason. She’s too short and too giggly to be Wonder Woman but other than that, this was nicely done. The fight choreography was pretty freakin awesome.

Maybe she was giggly because she was Diana Prince on a date rather than Wonder Woman on a mission. It’s kind of like Bruce Wayne is a air headed playboy and Clark Kent is a ‘mild-mannered reporter’.

Also, did anyone notice the torn jacket sleeve with the bracer underneath after she deflected the bullet. Nice touch.

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