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‘Because movies would be better if the audience voted on an ending’


Richie with wife Johanna Stokes at the “2 Guns” film premiere

“As a comic book publisher, I am growing tired of third parties coming up to us and saying, ‘You know what your problem is? More people would read comic books if they were digital somehow, like with some bad animation or if they were more Choose Your Own Adventure, where you clicked somehow while you were reading them.’ Yes, because the problem with novels is that the reader can’t control the story. Because movies would be better if the audience voted on an ending.

These people clearly never realize that their approach is insulting to the medium.”

BOOM! Studios President Ross Richie



Fred "Rerun" Berry (But Not That One)

August 21, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Ironically, that Choose Your Own issue of ADVENTURE TIME that KaBoom! did was great!

Just sounds like a rant if you don’t give the full context

Of course, all those “third parties” say that to EVERY person they meet who’s involved in the business end of the comics biz, because they’re hoping to hear, “Yeah, you’re right.”
At which point, they plan to go into their spiel: “It just so happens I have an idea for an app that would do that very thing. Let me tell you about it…”

Wasn’t that an idea used in that Tom Hanks movie, “Big”?

Because movies would be better if the audience voted on an ending

Obviously he’s never heard of “test audiences” and how their reaction to a film can, and regularly does, affect the ending and structure of most mainstream films (like GI Joe 2 that was rewritten to star more Channing Tatum after test audiences said they missed him.)

Not saying it’s rigger or wrong – just that it happens all the time.

Should have said “right” not rigger – damn corrective test!!

joseph gonzalez

August 21, 2013 at 4:30 pm


so this guy is basically wanting a video game… but not a video game. oooooookay Hollyweird.

@ Francis: Hey, watch your mouth, you…

… oh. “Rigger.” Heh.

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