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Bobby Timony shares his Wonder Twins pitch


Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna have made a few appearances since the cancellation of the Super Friends TV show and comic book in the early ’80s. Robert Washington III and Tom Morgan added them to Captain Atom’s Justice League in Extreme Justice, they showed up on Smallville, and most recently they popped in to audition as Beast Boy’s replacement on Teen Titans Go!.

If Bobby Timony (The Night Owls) had had his way, they would’ve also appeared in a short story he pitched to DC Comic. He doesn’t say exactly what it was for and why it didn’t get picked up, but he recently shared the story on his blog, with the first four pages colored by Jordie Bellaire. Check out part of “Wonder Twins” below, and visit Timony’s blog for the rest.

wondertwins01 wondertwins02 wondertwins03 wondertwins04



Nice touch that the doctor is apparently the same race as Salaak from the Green Lantern Corps.

@Brendan- that’s exactly what I thought

Bobby Timony is awesome and Night Owls is awesome, and I really like his take on the Wonder Twins. Hopefully it still does get picked up some day, maybe on the DC Digital thing. After all, they made Batman 66 cool again.

Imagine what a wonderful, vibrant, diverse DC Comics we would have had whatever shortsighted editor or executive not shot down all of these incredible ideas we’ve seen over the years. Instead, we have overall homogenization with the occasional bright spot.

Guys, I’m telling you: DC needs to pick up at least 22-pages worth of each of these damn things and publish a massive, awesome Rejected Pitches Cavalcade comic.

It`s pretty cool how the prof turns from friendly to villainous so fast.

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