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‘Breaking Bad’ comes to Gotham City in ‘Heisenberg & Pink Man’


With AMC’s Breaking Bad returning Sunday with the first of its final eight episodes, it seems only right that we spotlight Cinefix’s “Heisenberg & Pink Man,” which reimagines the hit drama through the lens of Filmation’s 1960s Batman cartoons.

While the voice of Heisenberg walks a line between that of Bryan Cranston and Olan Soule (more the former than the latter), Pink Man’s sort of goes off in its own direction. But, hey, ’60s-style animated versions of Gus Fring, Jane Margolis, Saul Goodman and Gale Boetticher!

(via Hitfix)

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This is amazing!

Public enemy number 1, understand?

August 9, 2013 at 5:02 pm

Saul needs his own cartoon, so does Mike.

I chuckled at the wheelchair gag, but otherwise, this was awful.

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