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Check out stunning concept art for ‘Iron Man 3′

iron man5

Ahead of the arrival of Iron Man 3 on Blu-ray and DVD, concept artist Phil Saunders (Iron Man, The Avengers) has unveiled some of his stunning designs for the Marvel Studios film. Along with some armors audiences never saw on screen, Saunders revealed an early take on one of the Extremis soldiers — and a behind-the-scenes tidbit:

In early versions of the script Extremis was based on Nanotechnology like in the comic book, and would have constructed some sort of internal armor structure to grant the enhanced soldiers super-strength and near-invulnerability. thematically they would have been a reflection of Tony Stark, wearing their “suits” internally rather than externally. Makeup would have subtly suggested that structure by deforming their skin in a mechanical way.

Check out some of the images below, and plenty more here.

iron man2

iron man3

iron man4

(via, ComicBookMovie)



Can I get the version of the movie with that costume, and those Extremis soldiers instead?

The internalized armor concept sounds more interesting than what we got on the screen. For me, everytime someone spontaneously combusted or someone exhibited flame powers, the movie got too silly for its own good. I mean, even one of the characters remarked on how ridiculous it was getting with that “You breathe fire now?” quip. Doesn’t make it better.

cool concept art…..

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