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‘Collider’ publisher touts victory against DC in ‘battle’ over title

colliderThe Irish company that prompted Vertigo to change the title of the new series by Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez from Collider to FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics is now hoping to exploit the situation to its own advantage.

Trumpeting its victory in “a battle against DC Comics/Vertigo,” the Dublin-based beActive issued a press release Tuesday promoting its own Collider while gently chiding the American publisher for its lack of diligence. “The Irish company published the COLLIDER comic book series worlde [sic]  in 2012, therefore claiming ownership of the brand,” the release states. “In January 2013, COLLIDER even made the TOP 5 on Comics Plus, the largest online comic book store in the U.S.”

While it’s not unheard of for a publisher to change the name of a comic before publication because of a trademark conflict, in this instance, the announcement came more than a week after the release of Collider #1.

As Oliver recounted last week to Comic Book Resources, “The first issue’s printed and being loaded on the trucks and we get a call from legal to tell us that someone else, on the other side of the globe says that they have creative dibs on the name ‘Collider’ and we have to change our title.” The second issue, out Aug. 28, will bear the title FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics.

The Vertigo series centers on Special Agent Adam Hardy and the Federal Bureau of Physics, who are tasked with protecting a world where the laws of physics are no longer as reliable as they once were. BeActive’s Collider, meanwhile, centers on six people who are mysteriously transported to a post-apocalyptic future and must find a way to return to the present. According to the company, a film adaptation will premiere in Portugal in November and in the United Kingdom and Ireland in January.


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How it should’ve happened:

Yeah, well, you may have been here first Collider, but we’ve got Nathan Fox doing covers so…pretty much your argument is invalid.

It woulda been a lawsuit DC lost. Them Irish boys woulda been rich!

FWIW, there’s an indy comic called “Colliders” out of the Twin Cities that was using the title years ago. The Irish company likely owesm them money!


Not that their title fracas wasn’t justified, the little guy is in the right. I just wanted to point out how much that drawing looks like it’s supposed to be Han Solo on their cover though. Third guy in. No point in mentioning it, just saying.

“Comics Plus, the largest online comic book store in the U.S.”


Too bad the “original” Collider looks and sounds like the most generic comic that has ever been genericked out of genericsville.

Other than the title “Generic Comic Book”.

The Irish Collider looks like Photoshop:The Comic.

I have literally never heard of Comic Plus. These guys should have kept shut and raked in the money from unwitting fans buying the wrong book. You know, the Asylum model of business.

I hate copyright trolls but these guys had the TM so good for them. Why would they advertise this though? “Oh hey we got a book renamed that is going to be ten times better than ours was.” Nice job. Oh and Comics Plus? WIll have to check them out for the first time ever.

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