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D23 Expo | Captain America makes his Disney debut

captain america-d23

It turns out that Captain America isn’t just the “First Avenger,” but the first costumed Marvel character to debut at a Disney event since the media giant bought the company in 2009.

The Disney news blog Inside the Magic takes note of the Sentinel of Liberty in its coverage from the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, where the costumed character appeared in the pavilion for Disney Parks and Resorts. He’s helping to promote the new Avengers Academy kids’ area that’s being added Disney Cruise Line’s flagship Disney Magic as part of a “reimagineering” of the 15-year-old vessel.

Disney also released a video (below) offering more details about Marvel’s Avengers Academy, which will be revealed this fall. You can see more photos of Captain America at Inside the Magic.





Can’t wait for him to talk about the importance war bonds and knocking out Hitler, while girls dance behind him.


The world needs more of people punching Hitler.

Baron Von Munchausen

August 9, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Why is Disney doing Avengers Academy, when it has been replaced by Avengers Arena? Disney needs to jump on the Marvel bandwagon and build an island in the middle of their lagoon where children are forced to betray and kill each other while their guardians don’t notice?

I would like to see him punch out John Boehner.

I hope that the adults here don’t start bashing this initiative because it’s deliberately aimed at kids. Somebody else is going to have to invent the comics-equivalent of “Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp”.

What’s the SHIELD insignia doing there????

Toodle Loo, watch the video. The set is based on “the SHIELD Helicarrier.” You know, SHIELD with the TV show on a Disney-owned network. The movie Avengers are affiliated with SHIELD.

@C.F.Godwell – Only after he kicks Nancy Pelosi in the teeth.

@Keith- Only in the world of Conservative Republicans would Captain America kick a woman in the teeth.

Captain America wouldn’t kick either one of them in the teeth because he doesn’t choose sides. If he were an actual person he’d no doubt be disappointed with Boehner AND Pelosi.

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