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Dancer injured during ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’

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Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, the Broadway musical that was plagued by accidents in the early months of its run, has claimed another victim.

The New York Times reports that dancer Daniel Curry was seriously injured during Thursday night’s performance when his leg was pinned in an automated trap door during the second act. Last night’s show was canceled, but tonight’s will continue as scheduled.

“Following last night’s accident at Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Daniel Curry remains in the hospital in stable condition having sustained an injury to his foot,” a spokesman for the production said in a statement. “Tonight’s performance will go on as scheduled. The technical elements of the show are all in good working order, and we can confirm that equipment malfunction was not a factor in the incident. Our thoughts are with Daniel and his family.”

A recent performance had to be canceled before it started because of a malfunction to the automated systems that control the production’s elaborate sets at the Foxwoods Theater.

During previews of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark — before the March 2011 firing of director Julie Taymor and the sweeping overhaul that followed — no fewer than five performers were injured, the most serious being aerialist Christopher Tierney, who fell about 30 feet in December 2010, breaking four ribs and fracturing three vertebrae. He returned to rehearsals four months later. There have been no major accidents since the show opened in June 2011.



“[H]as claimed another victim”? Really?

I hate to say this, but that bizarre musical was just another nail in the coffin of Spider-man. Between that and the stupid things they did in the comic a few years ago, it just killed it. The death was Civil War #2, because we all knew there wasn’t going to be a big story there. It was just another promise that led to him not being married. Not long after, he became a bizarre cartoon. A pale, faded shade of his former self. A child-man.
Then a musical. Now, he’s dead. I mean… he’s dead. How many ways can you kill the best comic character ever?

Johnny Sarcastic

August 17, 2013 at 9:02 am

“How many ways can you kill the best comic character ever?”

Legions of overly-vocal and whiny fanboys help.

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