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Dark Horse debuts trailer for ‘The Star Wars’ miniseries

the star wars

USA Today has premiered the trailer for The Star Wars, the upcoming Dark Horse miniseries based on George Lucas’ rough draft for his 1977 blockbuster. Announced in April at WonderCon, the project is written by LucasBooks Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler and drawn by Mike Mayhew.

Lucas’ original 1974 version, called The Star Wars, featured elements that found their way, in substantially altered form, into ground-breaking movie franchise: “lazer swords,” Jedi Annikin Starkiller, General Luke Skywalker, an alien Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights.

“You can teach a college course on how he got from that story to his first Star Wars film,” Rinzler tells the newspaper. “Francis Ford Coppola read the rough draft and thought it was pretty good. He wasn’t really sure why George was changing it.”

The eight-issue miniseries debuts Sept. 4.



This appears to owe as much to Ralph McQuarrie as it does to George Lucas. That funky headgear on “Luke” is straight from his concept art. I’m sure he’ll be mentioned in the editorial material but he ought to get a big fat cover credit on each issue. Dare I hope? In a perfect world his estate would get a share of the profits as well but let’s not wish for the moon.

Did Han look like Swapthing to anyone else?


He most certainly looked like a space-venturing Swamp Thing…

And now I want a cosmic-level Swamp Thing Series….

Swamp Solo. I agree with you @batsilver0012 I now want a cosmic Swamp Thing. The Green totally has to extend passed Earth, right??

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