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How Captain America was created (according to Timely Comics)


Rarely will you find an artifact of comics history that is as simultaneously amusing, bewildering and infuriating as this 1947 Timely Comics feature that purports to recount the creation of a comic strip — specifically, Captain America. Posted by cartoonist Max Riffner (via The Marvel Age of Comics), who attributes the writing to a young Stan Lee, the piece becomes the Martin Goodman story, playing up the role of “the young brilliant magazine king who is today one of the greatest names in the comics magazine world” while not even mentioning Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

If we’re to believe this account, Captain America and Bucky were actually assembled by committee from the odds and ends of an open call, or possibly willed into existence by the dogged resolution of Martin Goodman. Read part of the account below, and see how it all ends on Riffner’s blog.

cap1 cap2 cap3



To think that a few years later the “brilliant” Goodman sold his stake in Marvel Comics and put all his money into a fully owned company he would call Atlas and be out of the business in a calendar year.Decades later his Grandson would make the same mistake in rebooting Atlas which would drag on a little longer only because all Atlas’s output was months late.

Uh… Joe Simon? Jack Kirby? Not seeing them in that.

That’s infuriating.

“Until finally, one character was chosen!” Illustrated with a picture of…TWO characters. Yeah, whoever made that was clearly on top of things.

Great comments!

Are their any evil super-villains modeled after Martin Goodman? Or Jack Liebowitz?

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