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If Nightwing doesn’t die, will he turn ‘Forever Evil’?

Art from "Batman/Superman" #5, by Brett Booth

Art from “Batman/Superman” #5, by Brett Booth

Despite the efforts of Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins to put to rest rumors that Dick Grayson will die as a result of DC Comics’ Villains Month, the whispers continue, in no small part because there’s no issue of the series in September.

“Nightwing doesn’t have a book that month, but we’re back after September,” Higgins assured CBR TV last month. “We’re back with October. Actually, the finale of the first arc in Chicago with the Prankster and Tony Zucco, that culminates in October with Issue 24. We’re still around, we’re doing our thing.”

Considering that Nightwing initially had been targeted for death in the 2005-2006 miniseries Infinite Crisis, it’s perhaps understandable that fans would read reports that the character “will be affected in a very dramatic way” to mean he’d meet his maker. That Forever Evil teaser with the bloody Nightwing emblem probably didn’t help matters, either.

But what if the ad’s slogan, “When the Unthinkable Happens!”, refers to something else? What if it refers to Nightwing turning evil? That’s what the CBR-exclusive art from November’s Batman/Superman #5 certainly suggests, with Brett Booth depicting a brutal fight between Dick Grayson and his one-time mentor.

nightwing teaser



I noticed it last month too, but the NW symbol in the background looks a lot like the DCAU Nightwing symbol.

Well, since the universe rebooted just 2 years ago, we don’t really have much of an attachment to these characters. DC can do horrible things to these characters all they want, but there just isn’t the attachment that existed pre-New 52. These aren’t characters with 70+ years of stories behind them. They barely have 2 years. Do what you want DC. If this is a turn, it isn’t going to be a very powerful one.

Didio hated him then and obviously still does now.

Man. The New 52 is no place for a Robin.

… Guess it makes sense now why Robin wears a red shirt.

OK, I’m done.

Who wants to bet it’s the Crime Syndicate Nightwing? Maybe Jason Todd? Damian Wayne? Or Anarky?

Sure, he could turn “forever” evil. In the same way that “Final Crisis” was the “final” crisis.

Robert318 be more jaded why don’t you

Read the November solicits – Nightwing is the last major hero left standing to fight the villains. My bet is that he’s going to get a push during this event, being the guy who stands up to the villains after they’ve kicked the snot out of the likes of Batman. He’s going to get beat up a bit (hence the bloody symbol cover), but people remember the Infinite Crisis hooplah too much for DC to try to kill him off during this event. My bet is that this push that Johns is giving Nightwing in the mini will lead into some kind of Batman project he has planned (where Nightwing will play a major role).

ive waited years for this. Finally a crossover with NW getting his big push. As he should.
God im so pumped for this!!!
And….I hope Dick finally beats the snot out of Bruce. This has been a long time coming.
Oh yeah! And it seems like the good ol DCAU costume is if only they put Babs back in the chair and made her oracle once again…and get married of course..when is going to bring up THAT pre IC issue?
Never mind..
Please dont mess this up Didio..please dont..

I really hope that Nightwing finally gets his big push! He’s been around 75 years! The 3rd Superhero after Batman to be created! The tension between Batman and Nightwing has been building since ‘Death of The Family’! He needs to beat the hell out of the Bat, and he doesn’t need a box (Pandora) to do it! He needs his own city (Bludhaven), his own missions, and no more being a former Robin with the red crest! He has the potential of standing alone like Superman! His own movies, his own animated series, and his own game! I’m sure that DC will do the right thing and stand behind Nightwing, and that they do not kill him off! Just to bring him back! DC will lose alot of readership and fans if this happens! Sure, Higgins said they’re still around, b/c they will be doing a Nightwing 0 year! B/c maybe no more stories perhaps? After Forever Evil? Please don’t do it DC!

Nighwing is awesome

August 22, 2013 at 2:09 pm

I love nightwing so much, I want him to get his own stuff too but I really don’t want them to forget his past as a robin. I really hope they show that he is one of the greatest fighters in the dcu!!!! JUST DON’T KILL HIM OFF!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for something big with nightwing and now mayb he’ll get his own animated movie, like under the red hood, just don’t make I’m a pretty boy like they did in under the red hood, can’t wait

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