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‘If you’re going to do a comic, it should be a comic’

sex criminals

“It just felt right. There’s never been, that I can think of, like a sex comedy for comics the way that we go see sex comedies in the movies or on TV. It just seemed like a genre that was totally virgin — pardon the pun. And I love that stuff, whether it’s like Billy Wilder or Superbad or any of that stuff. It’s a genre I enjoy; it makes me laugh. And if you’re going to do a comic, it should be a comic. It shouldn’t be a screenplay that you just give up and convert to the page. So I wanted something that looked visually spectacular and kind of play with the form. Comics does time on the page very well. It’s a chance to make a piece of cartooning and a piece of comic bookery that ordinarily wouldn’t be possible.”

Matt Fraction, discussing Sex Criminals, his upcoming Image Comics collaboration with Chip Zdarsky



There are about a billion sex comedy comics from Japan that have made their way over here. Chuck Austen also wrote a pretty great one in his “Boys of Summer” series from Tokyopop.

He’s joking right?, there’s a lot of sex infused comedy comics going around a great example would be Boneyard by Richard Moore, and pretty much everything Brandon Graham has written/drawn.
As much as I like Matt Fraction he sounds like a total egocentric asshole trying make it look like he’s the most innovative writter in the last decade.

Blue Monday. ’nuff said.

I’ve read Sex Criminals and there is nothing else like it I’ve ever seen. And it’s the best thing Fraction has written, I think.

Well, there’s that genre–now is there a comic that’s almost Seinfeldian?

This is the same way Fraction was talking about Hawkeye and the single issue format ignoring (from the top of my head) a good chunk of Astroy City, the comics Warren Ellis did to repent for Plantary’s pacing, the first season of Batman Inc. Phonogram: The Singles Club and even his own start as a major comics writer with Casanova: Luxuria and The Order.

This is why you should avoid words like “nothing”, “never”, and “first” — you get a thread full of people arguing over that specific word choice instead of talking about the actual work.

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