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Lee and Boultwood’s Viking comic landed too late for the raid


Like with the pulp space pitch the other day, Tony Lee has shared several other failed pitches on his Twitter feed (#ForgottenPitch). I’ll leave most of them for you to discover yourself (there are lots of wonderful ideas on show), but Shieldmaiden caught my eye for a couple of reasons: First, it would have been drawn by Dan Boultwood, creator of the current series It Came! that I’m enjoying so very much. And second, Vikings.

Sadly, it was the Vikings that killed the comic before it began. Lee pitched the idea in 2011, the year that Vertigo canceled Brian Wood’s Northlanders. Ivan Brandon’s Image series Viking had ended prematurely the year before after only one story arc. So, when Lee was told that no one wanted new Viking comics, publishers had some evidence to back that up.

Still, Lee and Boultwood had a different take from the realistic comics by Wood and Brandon. Shieldmaiden would have included a mythological element as a young woman led her clan in battle against the gods during Ragnarok. That, plus Boultwood’s art, makes me wish it could have found a home.





It’s worth me saying that Northlanders was a successful comic – under the Levitz DC. Less so under the NuDC when the rules and standards changed, but still, fifty issues is fifty issues. I think a strong case could have been made to a smaller publisher for this one.


I find it incredible asinine to think that in a world where BRAVE exists, this book can’t find a home.

I have a hard time with that argument because plenty of books can’t find homes that may have a thing or two in common with some Disney/Pixar blockbuster. A successful Pixar motion picture doesn’t = a successful comic sharing a similar theme or two. I bet even a licensed Brave comic wouldn’t even break the top 200 sales mark.

That said, I’ll repeat myself that I think a publisher could take on this book and do okay with it. It’s certainly worth the shot.

This looks great! I would buy it!

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