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Lobo’s ‘new look’ might not be as ‘Twilight’-y as everyone fears

lobo new lookOnline backlash to DC Comics’ younger and slicker “new look” for Lobo may have been a little premature, as writer Marguerite Bennett assures fans the lewd and violent interstellar bounty hunter “is much bigger, meaner and nastier” than the concept art would lead them to believe.

In fact, she contends the character that appears in September’s Justice League #23.3: Lobo one-shot doesn’t look like the Kenneth Rocafort design unveiled Friday on the DC blog, or the Aaron Kuder cover.

“I was not in charge of the Lobo redesign. Ben Oliver was not in charge of the Lobo redesign,” Bennett wrote in a blog post that’s since been deleted. “I wrote my script, and after it was completed, I was shown what the new character would look like. For the record, the images you’ve seen — Ken Rocafort’s design and Aaron Kuder’s cover — are not what Lobo actually looks like in the book. I respectfully disagree with the decision to release that image.”

In introducing the “new look,” DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras explained that this version of the character is “the real Lobo,” as opposed to the one that made his New 52 debut in Deathstroke #9. “A ruthless killer, Lobo is on a quest to kill the man who has taken his name,” he wrote before explaining the new design: “Ken updated Lobo’s facial tattoos and weaponry by adding laser edges to his blades and gloves that’ll give him extra strength with their mechanical usage. In the end, Ken transformed Lobo into a lean, mean killing machine.”

While echoing the latter sentiment — “He’s nasty, vicious, and bloody, but he’s always had a certain violent charm” — Bennett underscored on Twitter that, “The image circulating is a concept illustration. Our Lobo is much bigger, meaner, and nastier.”

Justice League #23.2: Lobo goes on sale Sept. 11.

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Really dislike Rocafort’s style. On anything.

Hope Miss Bennett’s comments here don’t bite her in the butt. DC seems to have let a lot of people off of books at the last minute lately.

I think the Rocafort designs are great. The one with the jacket might be a little lean for my tastes, but overall he’s done what a concept artist SHOULD do! He’s branched out and brought some new ideas to the table. Frankly, the complaints about him being “too pretty” are hilarious. God forbid we have attractive dudes with less pro-wrestler body types in the new designs.

I read an article suggesting that the reason he looks like this is because, much as how the 90’s heyday of Lobo was about parodying the 90’s style of comics, so too is this ridiculous little thing parodying the current trend in comic design. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone at DC has the skill to pull off such a parody

Joey Eats Socks

August 27, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Love the look!!!

If people remember, Lobo was originally a slim-build dude with orange and purple tights, when he popped up way back in the day in Omega Men. While I DO NOT particularly like the concept art (above), I am pleased that they either back-peddled or confirmed that it is not the final look.

Emo-Lobo (Lemo) or Twi-Lobo was not my cup of tea.

seriously dude, rocafort is one of the very best artist working in comics, i think this was a design was a editorial decision, look at his 3 other designs, 2 of them are classic style lobo and look amazing.

also to you and EVERYONE i implore you to look up rocafort’s tumblr, he post daily sketches in a tiny pocket book and they are just gorgeous. regardless if you like his style and some of his designs the man is a true artist and a dedicated one at that.
his tumblr is called MITOGRAFIA

And Bennett still doesn’t get it. Old Lobo was already over-the-top mean, nasty, and whatsnot. Why making him meaner, nastier and bigger? Lobo was an ugly, dirty, smelly bastard biker. No blades, no laser edges, only a knife and a gun. But most of all, Lobo was tongue-in-cheek.

I would recommend to Bennett to read a recent feature about Plastic Man that was on your site, but different blog:

Not to mention he was just reintroduced on Stormwatch as the real Lobo. I do hope Alan Grant and Keith Giffen’s Lobo comes around and kills all these wimpy wannabes.

Nope. It’s too late. We’ve made up our minds and the “new” Lobo sucks and DC sucks and there’s nothing for it. That’s just the way it is.

Lobo was never one of my fave characters anyways; all that “tongue-in-cheek” stuff was always lost on me.

That said, all of his intro’s into the New 52 thus far (Stormwatch, & that Rob Liefield nonsense), have done absolutely nothing for me. The only appealing moment has had for me recently, was his brief appearance on the YJ cartoon.

Other than that, I’m totally fine with DC kinda reinventing him, the way they did with the Green Arrow & Batwing books. I wasn’t an immediate fan of the “new” Lobo look at first, but the more I look at the image, the more it kinda grows on me. Kinda like the New 52 as a whole; now, I can’t imagine anything else at this point.

So, unlike most fans, I’ll reserve judgment until the final product is released.

Uhhh, this is Lobo we’re talking about right? The same Lobo that stopped being relevant around 1993 right?

Just checkin’


I love the design but that’s not Lobo. That design is of the guy from sister planet of Lobo’s planet. On another note, did Marguerite Bennett just disagree with DC editorial…..get the ax and shovel, lol.

@Erik: I’m with you there. I was kinda surprised that there was even a controversy. I mean, I am actually all for a good-looking Lobo in the sense that all the other characters have moved in the other direction of the grim n’ gritty scale. A Twilight-esque Lobo would be hilarious to me. (And wasn’t that originally the point of Lobo? To be an over the top parody?)

@El Santo, good points man.

Side Note: The best Lobo story I’ve read was in Garth Ennis’ Hitman series – I forget the issue number but in it Tommy and the gang are having a hard time defeating Lobo until they come up with a plan to blackmail him. Their Plan? While Lobo had been temporally knocked out, they had a priest marry him to a member of the Super Hero Team Section 8, Bueno Excellente – and they video taped the ceremony. When Lobo comes to and is about to murder the whole lot of them, Tommy hits play on the VCR and promises that if anything happens to them a copy of this tape is going to the JLA.

Fucking brilliant and funny as hell. God I miss Hitman.

I love Rocafort. He’s amazing and one of the best artists out right now. I thought his designs, while I wasn’t in love with all of them, were interesting takes on the character. I certainly don’t get the “twi-lobo” and “emo-lobo” references. It sounds like people are just slapping “twilight” and “emo” on things they don’t like without actually having any context to the words themselves. People need to get a grip and stop taking these things so terribly seriously. Wait for the product to release before you deem it crappy. What if a sleeker, leaner, stream-lined Lobo was amazingly well written and blew the dirty old bastich out of the water? We’ll never find these things out because people’s heads explode as soon as something appears out of the box they live in.

IMO Rocafort should (only) design fantasy themed heavy metal albums, that’s what his style evokes. Definitely FAR from being one of the best in the industry.

That said he’s probably a very nice person.

I’ve always lived the over the top Bisley rendered Lobo. Confused by this but it’s important to let concept art stretch boundaries.

With political correctness run rampant there’s nothing irrelevant about Lobo.

That is not the real one, there is a secret behind it. It was a fake, clone, robot.

Does this plot twist remind anyone else of the Brainiac story from a few years back where we were revealed the REAL Brainiac? Or the Starro storyline following the same thing a couple of months later.

Sorry guys, this is not the real NEW 52, you guys just got sold on it so easily, the real one is hitting #1000.

This seems a bit like damage control as earlier Ms. Bennett said something to the effect that she was glad that she wasn’t working on a an over muscled, Joke of a character, implying thats what Lobo had devolved into. I love Kens stuff. I love the Image of this character, so i just wait and see. But Again, seems like Damage control to me.

I love the character design, but that’s just not Lobo. Should have been a new character!

Loathe Rocaforte’s style – he always looks like he should be drawing some of the seedier Aspen books, that’s about all his stuff’s good for.

OK, nobody liked and/or cared about the purple spandex lobo of the 1980’s until he became the main man we all have come to love. Rob’s version of lobo sucked ass & rocaforte should go back to drawing my little bronie web-comics. DC is just trying to rip-off marvel’s deadpool, god forbid a ‘new’ idea should creep into the development department at DC.

I think it sucks!! WHO THE F**ks MESSES WITH THE MAN!!!

what a bunch of horse shit. this is damage control. they screwed up. period. they have to live with it

“I respectfully disagree with the decision to release that image.”

I’m becoming accustomed with the poor internal communication management at DC Comics.

August 27, 2013 at 5:47 pm

what a bunch of horse shit. this is damage control. they screwed up. period. they have to live with it”

Have to agree with the above. That is what went through my noggin when I read the article. This idea came out of one of the 3 hour boardroom meetings where the boss wont shut up, and group think takes over and gives the thumbs up, so you can get the hell out of the office (to catch the last half hour of Monday Night RAW)

The concept looks like it’d be pretty in a video game… Hey… wait a minute…. (it still is not Lobo, but DC seems to get its jollies killing or ruining beloved characters) Didio needs to go back to direct to video Barbie flicks!

The most popular incarnation of Lobo was the extreme parody version of Giffen, Grant, and Bisley. No one at DC has the talent to better or even equal that take on the character, so it’s wise to try a different tactic.

Of course this being DC, the message was delivered in a confused and contradictory fashion.

They went to such great lengths to reboot the whole DC-universe just to create another mess.
See, I like Lobo in a way, but all on his own. DC has (as does Marvel) so many characters from their earlier times as a publisher which they never used again, why not reboot those (if you feel the need to reboot)?
A new beginning should be a new beginning.

Marvel has certainly learned from DC’s mistakes with Marvel Now, by not rebooting the entire universe…and this is why Marvel will continue to be #1.

Going to be honest I really like the look now compared to the old. The rock rebel in space was kinda time specific as the design is very flash gordon esk. The new sleek design as well as the new gadgets fits more the bounty hunter from the far reaches of the galaxy more then chalk skinned red eyed biker with a chain sickle. Plus if he still has all his old superpowers the sleek design makes some of the old dialog fit well where where his bounties thought he was a weakling even though he was build like a mountain (and walked through 15 inches of reinforced space proof metals).

“Marvel has certainly learned from DC’s mistakes with Marvel Now, by not rebooting the entire universe…and this is why Marvel will continue to be #1.”

And DC has done nothing with their “New 52″ to make me think their reboot was worth it. A “DC Now” type relaunch would have been so much better and not alienated older fans like myself who have been turned off by the reboot and have pretty much hated everything Bob Harras and crew have done at DC so far…

What ticked me off about the design was the missing skull kneepads and the missing biker ‘stache – they’re cool design elements. I mean, the kneepads so totally work in a way that doesn’t feel early 90s Image-y, and how often do you see guys in comics sporting facial hair like that?!

Plus, The Main Man as a cosmic biker is a solid, cool idea, but it looks like DC wants to strip all of that characterization away from Lobo along with all of his interesting visual elements, too.

and here we go again, it’s not about Lobo. The thing is DC sucks, period. This concept is a parody of DC currents

Ugh… yet again editorial seems to be intent on scuppering any and all chances of doing something, y’know, good. And her deleting that blog post after posting it? Doesn’t look like she’s gonna be around DC much longer.

It’s a weird decision that this is the look they chose to go with, considering Waka Flocka Flame is confirmed to play Lobo in an upcoming movie – I’d have thought they would want to go with something that could have some cross-media synergy with that.

Don’t like the new look. Hoping the ‘imposter’ Lobo snuffs the ‘real’ Lobo in short order. This whole thing is SO LAME as to not believed.

*be believed, that is.

Is that Lobo? When did he go metrosexual?


What I loved about the old design was that he was so distinctive. While this re-design isn’t bad, per-se, it’s way to generic for The Main Man. Seriously, by the time I scrolled down the page to leave a comment, I’d forgotten what he looked like.

I think this character would be great as an adversary, but not Lobo himself.

“is much bigger, meaner and nastier” than the concept art would lead them to believe.”

What a bunch of B.S… They went with that concept design after all. smh

Pffft, seems as though she was blowing a load of smoke up people’s A$$es. What we see in the book is EXACTLY what is shown in the concept drawings, except instead of slicked back hair, he’s given a pompadour. Seem’s as though GQ magazine subscriptions reach out as far as deep space. If Kenneth Rocafort is indeed responsible for this ARTrocity, then someone please take the pencil away from him when it comes to designing new characters. Much like Jim Lee, he can’t be trusted designing characters.

He is meant meant to be big, insane, ruthless looking and rather ugly, not smooth and good looking, it completely ruins his character, the news design would make a good added character, not as a replacement, in fact, I might just get aids if this ‘replacement’ sticks.

alright for one im a marvel comic fan but the dark knight joker and lobo comics are good but what the hell keep lobo as lobo. the new 52 stories arent all that great anyway . hell if your going to reboot the dc stories wheres your lol greatest hero ( dumb ) stick man dc writers and artists need to stop buying the 25 bags. and it took them how many years to understand that underwear goes under the paints ( batman and superman) !

end of story this so called new lobo looks like a little b-t-h that one week a month

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