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Quote of the Day | ‘Lucius Fox … bought my new house’

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in "The Dark Knight Rises"

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in “The Dark Knight Rises”

“When I work for DC, anything I create I get a piece of. Lucius Fox, for example, who was in the last trilogy of Batman movies played by Morgan Freeman, bought my new house. At Marvel, I did see a check off The Wolverine, the current film. But as a rule I don’t any of the ancillary money off of all of the toys and soaps and shampoos and skateboards and God knows what else that features the character.”

— veteran writer and editor Len Wein, who co-created the Batman supporting character Lucius Fox and the wildly popular Wolverine, talking about his compensation for film adaptations during a Television Critics Association panel for the upcoming PBS miniseries Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle.

According to TheWrap, Wein said that although there have been six movies featuring Wolverine, “esoteric rules” mean that he was only compensated for the most recent one, because it was named for the character. The requirements are so strict that he didn’t receive a check for 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.



That seems…well, “unfair” is not too harsh a word for this situation.

This is a good reminder for anyone who likes to claim that Marvel is any better than DC with regard to fair dealing and appropriate credit and compensation to creators. How pathetic.

Still, he gets compensated more money for Lucius Fox, than Bill Finger gets compensated for creating Batman. Goose egg.

I think he said this before. Like when Batman Begins came out. I’m not saying that is not messed up, but damn.

Well, emacpmd, it cannot ever be said enough. If someone would start listening, maybe we wouldn’t hear so much of this kind of thing.

To be fair marvel historically wasn’t always swimming in cash the way dc has been since Warners bought them in the 70s. That’s no excuse now but still..

“To be fair marvel historically wasn’t always swimming in cash the way dc has been since Warners bought them in the 70s. That’s no excuse now but still…”

At the risk of appearing pedantic, Warner Bros. didn’t buy DC. Kinney National Company, which began as a parking-lot company, went on a buying spree in 1967, purchasing National Periodical Publications, the talent agency Ashley-Famous and the movie camera/equipment company Panavision. Two years later Kinney purchased Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, which was hurting for cash.

I feel like I have heard other creators say this sort of reimbursment policy in regards to DC characters was removed after Paul Levitz stepped down. I think Wein still enjoyed the benefits of it throughout all of the Nolan Batman films (even Dark Knight Rises) because that deal was done while Levitz was still there. I can’t find the quote where I heard another creator talk about it recently. Does that ring a bell with anyone else?

Genius Jones: I think you’re thinking of Mark Waid:

The compensation rule is apparently still in place for characters, but not story elements.

Wait, so does that mean if they do a movie “The Wolverine II” that he won’t get paid?

And the parking lot company started out as a front for the Mafia.

Kids, if you want to make money, don’t become a writer.
Become a lawyer.

Cautionary tale for current and future comicbook creators. Creator owned comics are the way to go.

@Jason Green Ah, yes. That’s what I was thinking of. Thank you.

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