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Texas fan keeps Batman close to his heart — and on his shelves

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The next shelf down contains the Classic Batman collection of small toys and statues. This is the comic book Batman universe…



…And below it is Batman in Other Media. Most of these are from Nolan’s trilogy, but there’s some Arkham video game universe in there as well, including the B&W statue up front and the large Batarang in the back. Again, the collection is outgrowing the space I have for it.


The top two shelves of this display case feature Batman fighting classic foes, and next to it hangs a pretty sweet Bat-sword (Just in case anyone tries to break in and steal any of this)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones, Marv, and Rick… no theme here, but these are too great to not have on display. The Casey Jones is a Munny piece created by a local artist.


Gambit lights up the case from the bottom.


No room for the life size bust in the dining room, so this guy hangs out in the movie themed living room.


Ready to hang (as soon as I find the room) is this X-Men 1 display case, featuring all four covers, including one signed by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Chris Claremont will be in town for a convention soon and I plan on completing this piece.


“I’m Batman”

That’s the collection so far! Thanks for checking it out.

I really hope my future kid likes Batman a lot…


Oh by the way I have this tattoo…

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Do you think this guy likes Batman?

Just a little. I hear he has Harley Quinn tattooed on his left butt cheek too.

Great collection.

I haven’t seen those Ninja Turtles by Neco in awhile. I still regret not picking them up. I love Batman too So I could see his obsession. The Joker bust is awesome.

Great Batman collection!

Yeah, the tattoo is awesome! I myself have 3Batman themed tattoos, but none as bold as this! Now you only need to work out a bit to get that Bruce Wayne chest! ;-)

hardcore tatoo. respect.

Hey thanks guys! And big thanks to Robot 6 for posting this!

The tattoo picture is pretty old, I chose that one because it was with the Tumbler. I’VE DONE A LOT OF PUSH UPS SINCE THEN I SWEAR!

Chris loved your Batman collection, the way you’ve put your comics up on display and the statues (envy)!

Good job and yes, it was nice to see the owner of the collection as well!

Where did you get those black “c” shaped shelves that display your comics? And also where did you get that from that holds your 4 x men books? Nice collection by the way, is that life size bust in your living room from sideshow collectibles?

I love those display shelves.

Wait, wait, wait. This is a Batman related piece with a huge Batman fan and no one has asked his opinion on Ben Afflek yet? Come on Chris, have it, what are your thoughts on the matter at hand that have gotten a big fuss worldwide….?

Anything from Marvel or DC with a cigarette in someone’s mouth is going to rare to find now, so that Gambit statue is a keeper as far as collecting goes…

I was wondering if anyone can provide me with some feedback on this speculation:
Do you think that since the price of gas is rising and the value of the dollar is diminishing that people will be using 3D printers in the near future. So, you would stock up on blocks of plastic, or beads of plastic, that would be used as the medium for carving / ‘printing’ what ever you need in your 3D printer -instead of spending money and wear and tear on your car / gas, you could just use your 3D printer to ‘print’ out a coffee mug, plate, fork, whatever you need.. statue, screw driver, a part for some device, a piece of art… My point is that the value of these collectable statues will rise as oil and plastic become more expensive, and things are mode to break down and take our money (always need to spend money on gas and wear and tear on time and on a car because we need to keep going back to crappy Wal-Mart or Target), so the plastic needed for these 3D printers will be in demand. Soooo, just like with gold and silver coins today, as their collecting value is only relative to melting them down and selling them for the gold -these statues will be in the future, melted down and used for 3D printing, so that will boost up their base value… -anyone care to provide me with constructive feedback, please? -Thanks!

nice collection espically love the comics displayed including the classic issue of two faces plus also love that one sword. not to mention the tat proves how much you like batman. plus showing it off by some one who has a battumbler. cool.

Really liked the joker pieces, top stuff

The shelves that the comics are on are from IKEA, as is the glass display case. The shadow box that the X Men comics are in is just a simply shadow box from hobby lobby or Michaels. The back of it is Velcro so it’s really easy to attach comics.

As for Ben Affleck, I’m not signing petitions or anything, but I think when he puts on the suit,it will simply feel like Ben Affleck in a bat suit. But we shall see.

Thanks for all the nice words everyone

Is that Batman underwear? I like that. Batpants!

Sorry I’m late to the party, but in the top picture (the one with the Heath Ledger Joker mini bust), what is that Batman statue to the Joker’s left? It looks like a Black & White, but the base is wrong and I just don’t recognize it… but I love the thing.

That statue came with the collectors edition of Arkham City

Nice collection! It would be nice to eventually get to know what some of the Shelf Porn people do for a living, if anything to get a better idea what kind of budget they have at their disposal for these amazing displays.

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