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U.K. festival sets record for most people dressed as Superman

superman record

When I was a kid, it seemed Guinness World Records (then called The Guinness Book of World Records) had very narrow categories, along the lines of tallest and shortest living man and woman, oldest living person, longest fingernails and pole-sitting. In more recent years, however, the scope has broadened significantly to include topics like largest comic book, the most people wearing a fake mustache, the largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs within a 24-hour period in multiple venues and, now, the people dressed as Superman in one place/largest gathering of people dressed as Superman.

BBC News reports 867 people dressed as the Man of Steel on Saturday at the Kendal Calling music festival in Cumbria, England, breaking the previous record set June 5 by the Sears Holdings Corporation in Chicago. The stunt was organized to raise money for Help For Heroes, a 1charity for injured service members and their families.

According to World Record Academy, about 1,200 costumes were distributed, but only 867 people actually donned them for the official count.

superman record3

superman record2

(via The Huffington Post)



Ha ha that’s fantastic.

Normally I’m an advocate of the “Superman in red trunks” look, but in the case of most of the folks going for the record, I have a feeling that the look from the Man of Steel movie would be much more flattering. :)

That looks like the creepy purgatory from “The Kingdom,” where dead Supermen would gather as Gog traveled back in time to kill him!

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