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Under Armour gets ‘sticky’ with superhero football gloves

under armour1

If you think those tight-fitting Superman and Batman shirts from Under Armour are crying out for accessories, allow us to point you to the sportswear company’s latest additions: UA Highlight football gloves featuring the familiar emblems of Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man and Superman (the latter in multiple flavors).

What are UA Highlight football gloves? Good question. For starters, they’re “Super-High. Ridiculously Sticky.” But wait! There’s more: “They use the same incredible CompFit technology as our game-changing UA Highlight cleats, giving your wrist super-streamlined, locked-in support. That helps with control. It also makes you feel like you can do anything out there. Now, there’re Under Armour Alter Ego ones to make your game just that much more heroic. They turn you into exactly what you want to be, every time you compete.”

So there. And they’re available for $64.99.

under armour-batman

under armour-captain america

under armour-spider-man

under armour-superman

(via Darren Rovell)



Looking at these gloves makes me want to start back playing flag football!! Those batman ones are niiice!!

I personally love the Captain America ones. But, pressed to the wall, I’d probably shell for the Spider-Man ones since they’d go well with my Primal Spider-Man style bike jersey.

I would like to purchase most of these gloves, a pair each. How do we make this happen?

how much are the batman gloves? id love to buy them for my boyfriend!!!!

Just wondering how much the superman under armour gloves are

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