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Unfortunately, mulleted Superman didn’t rate a Canadian stamp


With the official debut today at Fan Expo Canada, Canada Post has revealed the designs for all five stamps in the series celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman and the hero’s Toronto roots (co-creator Joe Shuster was born in the city, and the Toronto Daily Star building served as the model for the Daily Planet).

The stamps depict the Man of Steel in five eras, by five different artists: Superman #1 (1939), by Shuster; Superman #32 (1945), by Wayne Boring; Superman #233 (1971), by Neal Adams; Superman #204 (2004), by Jim Lee; and Superman Annual #1 (2012), by Kenneth Rocafort. They’re sold in sheets of 10, with the booklet covers featuring art by Shuster, Lee, Rocafort and Dick Giordano.

Although the stamps won’t be available until Sept. 10, people with Canadian addresses can pre=order them now on the Canada Post website.

superman-canada2 superman-canada3

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They made a good choice using Rocafort’s work for the New 52 Superman. He’s a fantastic artist.

Maybe they were tired of people calling it a mullet. Which it was not. It was just long hair.

Long in the back and short in the front is a mullet.

Not having a Curt Swan stamp feels wrong, shoulda used a New52 Jim Lee piece instead of the Rocafort to make way for the artist most still think of as The Superman Artist.

I totally agree that not having a Curt Swan-drawn Superman does feel wrong. I think I see what the stamps’ designer was going for, a progression of the character through art, but Curt Swan was a Superman artist since at least the late 50s and THE Superman artist for at least 12 years when he was shoved off for John Byrne. It would have been nice if he had received the tribute.

Personally, while the Neal Adams drawing is an iconic one, he did not need to be represented. I’m not even sure he drew Superman or Action Comics, but I know he drew some issues of World’s Finest Comics. The issue where the Adams drawing covered was drawn by Swan (with Murphy Anderson on inks, I think). If you’ve read it, it is hard to forget the expressiveness Swan gave Superman as the character took a piece of kryptonite from a crook’s hand and ate it like an apple.

Odd choices. No Swan or Byrne? I’m thinking Shuster, Swan, Byrne, Quitely, and Lee as the New 52 representative. He did design the costume, and between Justice League and now Superman Unchained, I’m sure his version will be better remembered than Rocafort’s.

Which of those images is the Neal Adams? I had thought that Man of Steel #1 was Byrne? Forgive me, more of a Marvel guy.

Mullet Superman would’ve fit right in with the mullet-ed hockey players. Missed opportunity Canada. Right through the five-hole.

Also disappointed with no Swan or Byrne. (Though it does look like the Byrne cover is used for one of the booklet covers? So confused.) At least Swan got an awesome shout out in the “Batman: Brave and the Bold” episode based on the Superdickery site, though. :) (The Mayor of Metropolis was Mayor Swan.)

The Neal Adams image is the one with Superman breaking the chains wrapped around him. (It’s the middle of the five stamps.)

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