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Warner Bros. and Lauren Moshi team up for fashion collections

moshi-wonder woman2Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered with fashion designer Lauren Moshi to create a line of clothing featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Superman, Supergirl and Tweety.

The character-specific capsule collections, each containing 30 to 35 pieces, will roll out over the next six months, beginning this month with Tweety. The final collection, based around Superman, will arrive in stores in February.

The collections, which include silk-screened T-shirts, dresses and tote bags priced from $98 to $202, will be available at online locations like, as well as Lester’s, Singer22 and the Lauren Moshi flagship store in Los Angeles. “These iconic characters are part of my childhood and the Lauren Moshi customer can really relate to them,” Moshi told Women’s Wear Daily.

You can see more pieces from the Wonder Woman collection below.

moshi-wonder woman3

moshi-wonder woman1



All proceeds will go to feeding the starving girl modeling the clothes.

I knew from the first announcement this designer was the wrong pick for the project. The reason there has not been a Wonder Woman movie to date is because those in charge are trying to hard to change the image of Diana Pince and Wonder Woman. You can not change class into trash and hope it’s going to fly.
This entire industries of film and fashion 1. Needs to learn manners. (Remember those things your grandparents thought your parents that most of you now and days bush off as an over endulged ego).
2. In order for anything Wonder Woman to fly its going to take a team of people that know about class, manners, sophistication and good old fashion know how. Old fashion know how of how to simply let the class act shine through on the camera. And not try to make the character some Paris Hilton/Kardashian want to be classless manner-less momentary amusement.

Wonder Woman and Linda Cater are legends beyond any actress currently around.

When you develop a film team with class and manners then and only then will the film fly.
When you develop a fashion team with class and manners (and not simply into their industry for the money) then and only then will the line it’s self be worthy of displaying the Wonder Woman logo.

This line looks like something a teenage kid and a computer got a hold of and are pushing out of the trunk of their VW.

I’m sure LM has a connection to WB and that’s how this gig was landed.

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