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Whether you love or hate Batfleck, there’s a T-shirt for you


Whether you think Warner Bros.’ selection of Ben Affleck as Batman is the worst franchise casting since Arnold Schwarzenegger donned blue paint as Mr. Freeze, or if, like Matt Damon, you think all of the grousing is ridiculous, has a T-shirt for you!

Designed by robinzson, the shirt comes in two designs, both mimicking the logo of the 1960s TV series: “Batman: The Dark Horse RISES!,” with “Affleck” where “Batman” should be, and “Batman: The Dark Horse!,” features the no symbol. They’re $24.54 each.




If you buy or wear either of these, you care just a little bit too much about this.

Schwarzenegger could have rocked that role if Paul Dini wrote the screenplay and Ridley Scott directed the movie.

Are you all suggesting that Schwartzenegger did not in fact rock the Mr. Freeze role with his boundless enthusiasm and his ice-based puns? Your misguided insinuations… HAVE LEFT ME COLD.

(But seriously… Arnie’s ice puns were pretty much the only good thing about the Batman & Robin movie.)

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