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A comics mystery in the Green Timbers forest


Here’s a photo of a small stack of bagged and boarded comics that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police found near an abandoned squatter’s camp in the Green Timbers forest near Surrey, British Columbia. The RCMP is circulating the photo in hopes of finding the owner of the comics.

The question of who collected the comics and how they ended up where they did could provide the starting point for any number of stories; perhaps they were stolen, or perhaps they were the last possession of a comics collector who had fallen onto hard times. Either way, the collection is rather eclectic, including both The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man and some more obscure titles (Soviet Super Soldiers, Icicle) and one comic whose cover was so shocking the Mounties had to blur it out.

If they’re yours, you can reach the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 to stake your claim.

(via Bleeding Cool)



If I was the owner of those comics, there is no way in Hell I’d admit it. (Maybe the Spidey 2099, if it’s one of the PAD issues.)

The combined value of those books is about a dollar. The RCMP should just donate them to a library or a landfill and be done with it. The manpower they’ve invested in locating the owner has already exceeded the value by x1000.

I wonder if they blurred out that one issue so that any callers would have to tell them what it was in order to confirm they were the true owner.

one comic whose cover was so shocking the Mounties had to blur it out.

The Mount didn’t want to give away the ending to Age of Ultron

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