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Batman and Captain America rescue cat from burning home


In a real-life crossover, two men dressed as Batman and Captain America rescued a cat from a house fire in Milton, West Virginia, on Saturday.

Unlike other would-be superheroes like Phoenix Jones, the pair — aka John Buckland and Troy Marcum, respectively — weren’t out on patrol; the trouble came to them. Buckland, a former firefighter who served with the Department of Defense in Iraq, runs a service called Heroes 4 Higher that sends costumed superheroes to parties and other events to “bring an age-appropriate, positive message of inspiration, safety and daring to dream.”

Buckland and Marcum were doing just that at an American Legion post when a fire broke out in a house nearby. Seeing the smoke, they dashed to the house to check whether there was anyone inside. Marcum broke the window, and as the smoke poured out, Buckland said, “I reach down and grab something furry.” That was the cat; the homeowners turned out to be out of town, but their cat was overcome by smoke and had to be resuscitated by Buckland.


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Batman is a known cat sympathizer! Seriously though, nice that he and Cap could help out an animal friend.

Now, see, this is what modern superhero comics need more of. A shame the image is a little blurry but I think this is a great story overall.

Now let’s hope that the rights to the costumes are legally licensed so Disney and Warner’s don’t sue them…

Now that’s a hell of a Marvel/DC team-up

Don’t worry guys- our suits are licensed! We were right place right time is all.

West Virginia..the land of real heroes!

A story like this can lift my whole week.

Let us remember that lost in all of this hero worship is a very important lesson that is being swept aside…
NEVER RUN INTO A BURNING BUILDING…. no matter WHO you are dressed as… You may not come out again.

Annnnnnddddd now this is a meme.

Uh, no one went inside. Dude broke the window and happened to grab the cat. Also, there’s that whole part about Mr. Buckland being an ex-firefighter. I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing.


What a great story. Im glad the cat is okay

It seems like there are an awful lot of people walking around dressed up as superheroes these days. I remember a time when costumes were just for halloween.

2 men, 1 dressed as the Joker, the other as Red Skull were seen leaving the site moments before with a petrol can and a book of matches.

This is a heartwarming stories. It does seem more people are dressing up like superheroes and robots to do good deeds. I guess dressing up is for more than Halloween. It is great to hear of them doing heroic things, big and small.

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