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Ben Oliver and little Lobo respond to redesign uproar: ‘Wah’


Just when it seemed the debate had cooled surrounding Lobo’s “new look,” Frank Cho stepped into the fray with a classic interpretation of the character, accompanied by a word balloon that read, “Who’s the ass that changed the costume and made me look like a ponce?”

Now Ben Oliver, who drew Justice League #23.3: Lobo, has poked back with an illustration of his own, sporting just one word: “Wah.”

“Poor controversial little Lobo again,” the artist tweeted with the drawing of what’s indeed a little Lobo, complete with towering pompadour; he even made the image his Twitter icon. (It’s worth noting that Kenneth Rocafort actually created the new design, which Cho said is “solid,” even if he’s “not sure it’s the right look for LOBO.”)

Lobo writer Marguerite Bennett, who fended off a barrage of criticism last month following the debut of the radical redesign, gave the illustration her stamp of approval. “Awwww, Ben, you brighten my day,” she tweeted this morning.

“Thought it only right to respond,” Oliver wrote in reply. “And it was f***ing fun to do – as the kids say, EPIC WIN.”




Yeah, nothing says “bad-ass” like a pompadour and baby-blue face-paint…

What a truly stupid and pointless redesign

ok original Lobo’s painfully eighties, gay biker fashion was (as far as I could tell) part of the fun of the parody of NINETIES characters he was supposed to be.

Changing it actually makes sense as the context has had its day.

But they made him look like he was thrown out of the Twilight fan club for being too sparkly.

Pointless, unless you are creating a new character for a new universe. Like say, a new 52. No one is taking away our old Lobo comics. This isn’t the old Lobo? Well, that’s the point.

Well, there’s no reason why Lobo and his imposter (do we know his name yet? “Bolo?”) can’t co-exist in the New 52 representing different things.

Bravo, Mr. Oliver.

Does anyone genuinely give a shit about Lobo? And my follow-up question for anyone who does: Really? Seriously?

As the kids say? Date yourself why don’t you . . . and you obviously didn’t get the memo, Kids don’t read DC comics . . . only 35 y/o kids.

I never really cared about Lobo one way or another, and I wouldn’t necessarily say the redesign is converting me either, but I do understand the logic behind it. This is a “new”ish character, attempting to do what the old one did in a more relevant way. The pompadour, the attitude, I get it. He’s a 2010s douchebag, like jersey shore, or like your prototypical club guy. It’s decidedly more relevant than the 90s parody we had before. Whether it’s smart and it sticks, well, I suppose we’ll see.

Nothing like taunting the fan base who you depend upon to buy your crappy comics and pay your bills.
Nice job stupid.

The people have spoken; they don’t like this bastardization of a popular character.

EPIC WIN?!?!!? I would suggest you monitor your long-term sales on Lobo comics before making such an idiotic declaration.

There’s more of that good old-fashioned comic-book professionalism. Why not insult a chunk of the people who — you know — actually pay your salaries? It’s way more important to respond to criticism by being flippant and childish, and to look cool on the interwebs.

Personally I don’t give a shit about the Lobo debate, but I am watching how various parties respond to it and other comic “controversies.” And if I don’t like that creator/editor/publisher’s behavior, I won’t be buying their books anymore. That simple.

“Epic win,” indeed. You really nailed it!

I’m over it! I cant wait to see more!

At this point DC is mostly grasping for anything to get attention, for me as a consumer things are pretty simple. I like something, I will buy it, if doesnt appeal to me I wont. Im 36, been reading DC Comics since basically my first (Batman) comic book, my pull list consisted of about 90% DC. They pulled this 52 Nonsense, I gave it a shot, after all I remembered Crisis in the 80s and was like what the hell? But it was pointless and needless to say the least and so little by little the books stopped grabbing my attention and I dropped them all but Green Lantern titles, Batman and Aquaman. Lobo came out, the re-design was pointless and ridiculous. People keep bringing the “original” look not remembering nobody gave a f#$k about the original look since lobo was barely a blip and since then went to outsell a LOT of DC’s mainstays in the 90s but ok. I read the book, out of respect for the artists involved, a gig is a gig and Im happy they got it so I read it. Didnt like it at all, Lobo lost all of his danger and bad-assness ;) and they turned him into a fruit. So when he does something like killing or says something that supposed to make him look tough, he just looks like an angry tween instead.

Im not moping around waiting for the old universe to come back, I switched to Marvel for a bunch of books and there are a lot of independent comics out there to look at, I wont die neither will the old school fans but Marvel did a smart thing by introducing the Ultimate universe, this way they kept the old school fans and gained the new ones, DC on the other hands decided the old fans were not important and I will take my money somewhere else.

Haaaahahaha! Best response EVER!

I think the new look is awesome he looks like a bad ass from final fantasy

Frank Cho is an artist on a level that Ben Oliver will never be. He can’t even draw simple backgrounds.

From a business standpoint B.O.’s response is pretty dumb. People were clearly pissed and now he pours salt on the wound? Dumbass. I hate it, so I won’t buy it. I

damn…. now it looks like a caricature of my boss… LOL

Lobo (whose Bisley design is rock solid, and more timeless than how dated this Rocafort design will look in just a year or two) is comedic character. For all his Superman strength and toughness, Lobo works best by himself as a hyper-violent clown, or as a guest star to bring that cartoonish violence.

The justice league comic itself was not very good in art or writing. Other than it being a pet writer of DC’s editorial and Snyder, who might force the use of this character just because of that, this has little chance of being recalled by this time next year.

Spoiler alert – I presume u have all read this comic? U know both looks are in this comic? Or both Lobo’s should I say? It wos a good read and i l

A good read!

Yeah… no one says epic win about something they themselves do. That’s just ouchey.

I didn’t know Rocafort designed this look… man, I really don’t like him.

But the design doesn’t suit the character. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Lobo supposed to be a parody of the ’90s? This new Lobo looks more like a parody of the angst-ridden pretty boys of recent years, especially those in Final Fantasy. If written in that context as something unrelated to the main Lobo, people would probably be more willing to accept it.

The New52, where all the characters look the fucking same!

That’s just Nightwing or Red Hood with facepaint and technology. When I first saw it…I thought it *was* Nightwing.


Ben Olivers initials describe his attitude as well as his Lobo !

I thought the lobo comic book was very nice and everybody involved should help themselves to an extra piece of pie as a reward :)

Francis Schwitzgebel Torres

September 22, 2013 at 4:55 am

Justin Bieber, is that you?

I just realized – to those stating the “biker fashion” is out …one of the biggest shows on tv right now is Sons of Anarchy. hmm.

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