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Comics A.M. | For Banned Books Week, a look at ‘corrupting’ comics

From "Superboy" #2 (1949)

From “Superboy” #2 (1949)

History | Michael Dooley celebrates Banned Books Week with a look at the comics singled out by Dr. Fredric Wertham in Seduction of the Innocent as particularly corrupting of our youth; Dooley juxtaposes scans of the pages with Werthem’s commentary. [Print]

Creators | Lynda Barry is now an assistant professor of interdisciplinary creativity in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) as well as the UW-Madison Department of Art; she was an artist in residence at the university last year. [University of Wisconsin-Madison News]

Creators | Congressman John Lewis, co-author Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell talk about their involvement in the graphic novel March. [Free Comic Book Day]

Creators | “I was a fan before I got the gig”: Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about writing the Castle graphic novels. [Kindle Daily Post]

From "Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard"

From “Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard”

Creators | David Petersen interviews Eric Canete about his contribution to the anthology Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard. [David Petersen]

Creators | Stevie Lee, the cartoonist for the Belfast Telegraph, has a surprising philosophy for an editorial cartoonist: “I would never do a cartoon to hurt someone. And I never have.” [Belfast Telegraph]

Comic strips | Rina Piccolo, creator of Tina’s Groove, explains how she puts together a brochure to pitch her comic to the syndicates. [Tina’s Groove]

Conventions | Brian Gardes, who was selling his first creator-owned comic at Rose City Comic Con, presents his experiences from the point of view of someone sitting behind a table. [Stumptown Trade Review]

Conventions | Here’s a much more enthusiastic piece about the Hyderabad Comic Con Express than the one we ran the other day. Nitish Kapoor reports on the high points of the Indian city’s first-ever comic con. [Parda Phash]

Events | Bone creator (and Columbus native) Jeff Smith will headline the Ohio indie-comics show MIX this weekend. [The Plain Dealer]


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I’m surprised not to see Murder, Morphine & Me (the Jack Cole crime comic featuring the infamous panel of the woman about to be stabbed in the eye with a hypodermic needle) on the list, but perhaps it’s too well-worn an example. I read it a few years back in Forms Stretched to their Limits: Jack Cole and Plastic Man, by Art Spiegelman and Chip Kidd. It really is a great little comic despite its predictable plot — and that lurid panel notwithstanding, it’s a pretty standard After School Special-type story about how drugs destroy lives.

Cole was amazing.

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