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Cosplayers celebrate 10th anniversary of ‘JLA/Avengers’


Photos by Pat Loika

It’s a little difficult to believe it’s been 10 years since the debut of JLA/Avengers, a crossover that found the greatest heroes of Marvel and DC Comics used as pawns in a cosmic game between Krona and the Grandmaster. Of course, it’s also hard to believe there hasn’t been another Marvel/DC crossover since then.

In any event,  the Superhero Costuming Forum organized a gathering of cosplayers earlier this month at DragonCon in Atlanta to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the miniseries with — what else? — a photo shoot of an elaborate battle between the Justice League of America and the Avengers. Artist George Perez even got in on the action.

Lucky for us, Pat Loika was on had to photograph the costumed brawl. You can see a couple of his photos below, and many more on his Flickr account.





Sweaty Batman Strikes Again!

Great work by all those cosplayers, but it just goes to show why superheroes wearing tights is just about the stupidest and most unrealistic thing ever.

I actually kinda like the very clean look of everyone, i.e. not the seams and buckles you see in new 52 or in the comics movie universes. Maybe it’s a little old-fashioned for a comic that came out 10 years ago, but this sorta thing wouldn’t be out of place in the “BAM! BIFF! POW!” universe of the Adam West Batman.

Looks like someone ran out of Bat-antiperspirant.

JLA/Avengers was truly the last hurrah of the traditional versions. It’s all (mostly) been downhill from there.

Other Chris

September 9, 2013 at 7:03 pm

JLA/Avengers was truly the last hurrah of the traditional versions. It’s all (mostly) been downhill from there.

How true.

Mister Miracle and Jack of Hearts!?! Never thought I’d see either of those two cosplayed.

Some truly unbelievably petty comments I’m seeing here–act like you’ve got some class and show a little respect.

Oh man… Seeing Batman so sweat really makes me sad. Otherwise the pic would’ve been really cool. Oh well.

Oh, how I still remember wonder woman’s reaction when she saw hercules….

Given the big Disney acquisition, editorial decisions, group rearrangements, reboots, legal worries & other attempts at finding their identity, maybe 10 years since the last DC/Marvel crossover shouldn’t be so surprising. Just disappointing.

Thank Odin that these people just didn’t seem to care about all that & Had Fun.

I’ve got to agree with some of the comments already posted. Even though as die hard comic fans we complain when the movie and TV studios change our favorite characters costume and appearance , I’m not sure all of the bright blues and reds would really look good in the real world. Batmans simple grey and black translates the best. Maybe darker and less vibrant shades would be the way to go.

Chaim Mattis Keller

September 10, 2013 at 6:51 am

That is WAY COOL. Would it be too petty of me to mention that I don’t recall Nova ever being an Avenger? I don’t mean by that to belittle the awesomeness of the whole scene.

I LOVE it!!!
Seeing cosplayers in “action” always makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. :)

“JLA/Avengers was truly the last hurrah of the traditional versions. It’s all (mostly) been downhill from there.”

Couldn’t agree MORE.

I no longer read any DC and very little Marvel, so IMO this is one of the few gems of the past few years…

Shouldn’t Batman be sweating while fighting Captain America? The sweat doesn’t bother me at all.

And Metamorpho looks great!

Sweaty Batman: “Sorry about the misunderstanding. Let’s hug it out.”
Captain America: “I’m good. How about an old-fashioned manly handshake instead?”

Given how much he exerts himself, I don’t have any problem with a sweaty Batman. It’s certainly more realistic.

If my memory serves, Batman and Cap never actually fought each other. They tested one another and Batman conceded he would probably lose the fight in the long-run. Then they put aside their differences and tried to figure out what was going on.

I also loved Wonder Woman’s reaction to seeing Hercules, even if it wasn’t entirely fair. She beat the crap out of him because she took him for the same “Heracles” who raped her mother. Actually, thinking about it, even that reaction didn’t make a lot of sense, since WW and the Amazons had forgiven Heracles by that point. Still, it was great seeing WW beat up someone as powerful as Hercules.

Phil B. Soencksen

September 10, 2013 at 12:32 pm

The effort, attention to detail and LOVE that cosplayers put into their costumes, gear and performances blows me away! Very impressive. And I’m glad there was a good photographer there to capture it in style!

Shaun, you’re right–that’s exactly what happened.

Chaim, Rich was an Avenger–specifically with the Secret Avengers, but that happened years after JLA/ Avengers. But he did make an appearance in the last issue of the mini-series.

As for the rest of you sitting in judgment, (Josh, Zark Meiba, Chris D and Googy) I’m gonna quote my buddy, Rick, who was costuming as Kyle Rayner in that shoot.

“I think the most disappointing facet of the “online geek” community is that self righteous air of misplaced superiority that can fill a general comment section. You know the people I’m talking about. The keyboard warriors who’ve probably never done what they’re critiquing but are somehow world renowned experts on it.

Specifically, the guys who’ve never worn a suit, but just feel so clever for pointing out sweat spots on a guy dressed as Batman. Or can’t help but ‘acknowledge’ that despite how well put together a group is, their comic accurate costumes just don’t work in real life and therefore need to be more ‘dark and gritty.’ To quote Greg Rucka, “cynicism isn’t maturity.”

You’re not clever. You’re not mature. You’re a prick.”

This is awesome! I always enjoy it when comic fans get together to do fun things like this. From one fan to the many others involved with this project, many thanks.

I assume anybody reading down this far in the comments has already clicked on the link to the full set of pictures, but if you haven’t, DO IT! The three here are great, but they don’t do justice to the amazing scope of the event. Ditto me on Phil B.’s comment—I too am blown away. I can’t imagine how so MANY people looking THAT good in such GREAT costumes all got together to pull this off, but seeing the results has made my day. Thanks to everyone involved!

Nice cap chainmail! Looks great

What a crew. Wow, excellent job on the costumes. One of these days I really need to bust out and do a costume of my own. I think it would be fun. Way to go everyone.

Is it just me or is Wonder Man HOT!!!?!!!

@Jonothan: don’t know if I’d go all caps and three exclamation points, but there’s no denying WW is cute. Again, though, I think it’s amazing that _everybody_ looks so attractive, especially given that they have to compete with the fantasy images we have of the impossibly strong and handsome / beautiful comics characters.

For my money, the one who most brings the character to life (and, coincidentally or not, also gets my pulse racing fastest) is Power Girl. Her facial expression and poses really seem to capture the spirit of the comics original. (Sorry, Wonder Woman somehow doesn’t really say “Amazon” to me…)

Looking at the costumes themselves, I was most impressed by the mimcry achieved by Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Barda, Hulk, and Zatanna. (Yeah, the last two costumes use basic elements—but making them look _that good_ still seems impressive.) And I have special appreciation and admiration for Moondragon and Namor—yeah, and Martian Manhunter—for having the guts to wear those outfits (or what there is of them!) in public.

Again, thanks and kudos to everyone involved!

I think Martian Manhunter, Zatana, and Wonder Woman all look terrific! Based on his overall costume, Green Lantern would be better if he had a Power Ring (Earth 3 counterpart villain) logo on his chest. The Black Canary and Black Widow face-off looked epic! Big Barda and Miracle Man looked great as a couple (I would like to know what the actual heights of those two cos-players).

It would be a difficult choice which I would rather have dinner with, the cosplayer in the Wonder Woman costume or the one dressed as Zatana.

@Perry: She’s fine but I’m writing about Wonder Man and multiple exclamation points are warranted. HOT!!!

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