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David Lasky draws ‘The Ultimate Batman Comic’


David Lasky (Urban HipsterDon’t Forget This Song) created a strip he calls “The Ultimate Batman Comic,” and he’s pretty much right. If Bill Finger and Bob Kane had known then what we know now, Detective Comics #27 would’ve been 14 panels long — all of which you can read on Lasky’s Flickr account.

ultimate batman



Real good. DC should throw this guy some cash and put this in the new volume of Batman: Black & White that’s coming out.

Awesome and touching. A lot better than the most recent volume of Batman Black and White

Basically a variation on Detective Comics #500 “To Kill a Legend”

@jccalhoun: Certainly true, and “To Kill A Legend” was certainly better in every way. Lasky even ripped off the closing lines of Bernard Krigstein and Al Feldstein’s immortal EC tale, “Master Race”.

Aagh, the pedant in me wants to say that if Batman goes back in time to stop himself from becoming Batman in the future, then there’ll be no Batman to stop Batman from becoming Batman in the future! Paradox!

But I do love the sentiment.

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